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Rig idea - no sound guy
  • What do you sound guys think, good idea/bad idea???

    I never have a sound guy but sometimes i have a host who interviews off camera beside me so the audio only needs to come from the talent/interviewee.

    image image

    new rig1.jpg
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  • Quite a monster.

    If you look on Lanparte handles you'll see threaded holes intended for arm to hold mike.
    Also in front and below the frame.

  • we don't have a sound tech, we generally either mic the talent or just mic as close to the actor as we can, out of shot.. I don't ever have a need to have audio connected to the gear as out shots are generally stationary.. but we shoot them handheld on a cowboy rig like you posted.. but audio is separated on a recorder, my normal rig is a GH2 a 7" preview monitor and a wireless HDMI transmitter for on set monitoring in 1080p. I'm audio, video, and lighting.. the Project Manager keeps the tallet on task and watches the video preview and does adjustments for me on lights and slates shots.. were a small crew and very lean and mean.. But it works..

  • The extra parts to hold the mic came from VK's cheap one hand rig, i used the camera base/quick-connect, rod and 90degree rod connector. The extendable monopod is screwed to the camera 1/4'' base. The whole rig is extremely lightweight and i can remove both hands from the grips and the rig will support itself. The Sennheiser K6 mic feeds direct to the GH2. The idea is the host can also detach the mic quickly for hand-holding if need be. I'm usually in very windy locations with no sound guys or light guys. I then have to quickly derig/strip this thing and jump on a jetski to film from.

    BTW- i do have a proper mic suspension mount but is too "floppy" with the weight of the Rycote dead cat.


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