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Driftwood Settings: Series 6 - COMP Apocalypse Now, Cluster v6, GalaXian GX1, Sedna, Canis, etc...
  • Driftwood GH2 & GFx Settings


    Series 1 Link

    Series 2 Link

    Series 3 Link

    Series 4 Link

    Series 5 Link

    The old Intra VY Canis Majoris Link

    ALL Settings require Panasonic firmware v1.11 & ptools 3.64D '200212' OR 3.65d required). Settings for GH2 & GFx Lumix cameras.


    21/12/2012 NEW Driftwood Canis Majoris Day AM GOP1 with 720p 50 at GOP3 and 720p60 at GOP6 - Featuring the 'mid freq' matrix See below under Canis Majoris settings to download.

    17-07-2012 NEW Driftwood 'Apocalypse Now' GOP1 and Long GOP variations - More news soon Featuring Chris 'cbrandin' Brandin matrices


    These settings are dedicated to VK @Vitaliy_Kiselev (master in control) and Chris Brandin @cbrandin (thee font of information).


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  • NEWS

    'Apocalypse Now' Imminent Release

    Driftwood & Chris Brandin Present... 'Apocalypse Now' Settings'

    IntraVenus 'Apocalypse Now' - Intra 24p, Intra HBR, Intra FSH plus GOP3/6 720p 60p/50p

    Cluster v7 'Apocalypse Now' - Nebula Style 6 GOP - Bang in the middle of Long GOP and Short GOP with Excellent Quality.

    Cluster v7 'Apocalypse Now' - DREWNet Style 12/15 GOP Lesser memory Requirement with Superb Quality

    All the above settings incorporate Chris Brandin's 'Cinema 444 matrix' for Pany style lenses PLUS sharpened versions provided by Driftwood for softer manual lenses.

    Competition Time

    To celebrate the soon to be released 'Apocalypse Now' setting I fancy doing a four week competition starting from now: Here's the rules: The best filmed sunrise OR sunset captured on a GH2 or Gxx Lumix camera using any of my Driftwood settings (the winning entry be validated by proving the mts file) will win my precious 14-42 X Lens!

    The top Sunrise or Sunset captures will be selected by all in this thread and the top 3 put to a vote - only one will be decided the winner. Filmmakers will upload their entries via youtube or Vimeo and posted as a visual link into this thread.

    UPDATE: You can provide a graded version on Youtube or vimeo if you prefer. However, the original mts file must be kept and be readily available to submit when the winner is announced. Don't forget to KEEP the ORIGINAL MTS file as it will be required for verification (certain giveaways like matrix values the file allow me to know) AND for the film*.

    Simple. Get to it. :-)

    Closing date: 18th August 2012. Maximum duration of film = one minute

    *What do I get? One other thing I forgot to mention, the winner must agree to allow me to use this sunrise OR sunset capture in my forthcoming film 'Swim to Land'. Of course, you will receive a credit too. :-)

    Apocalypse Now Setting.png
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • 'VY Canis Majoris' Settings

    VY Canis Majoris are all Intra on 24p and HBR/1080i ... VY Canis Majoris explores luma and chrominance in the matrix further than ever before and each setting analyses approximate conditions required for certain times of the day where the natural light is weaker/stronger...

    We start with Night, Day pm, and Skin Tone Soft variations of the classic Intra Driftwood setting.

    *** NEW *** The much awaited Canis Majoris 'Day AM' released from the archives! (Released 21/12/2012)

    The much asked for Canis Majoris Day AM (the missing piece in the Canis Majoris set) finally released after much nagging from those who know who they are. This setting's matrix concentrates itself on low to mid frequency luminance areas.


    • 1080p24 at 150Mbps on H / 72Mbps on L - ALL INTRA
    • 1080i/HBR at 98Mbps max FSH - ALL INTRA
    • 720p at 72Mbps - GOP3/6 (PAL/NTSC)

    The Initial Quantiser has been set at 16 with AQ1 on 1080 modes and AQ2 on 720. It is scaled but was never tested on 30p and 60p modes. 25p and 50p modes are fully tested looking back at my notes. Enjoy!

    Canis Majoris - Day pm
    Canis Majoris - Night
    Canis Majoris - Soft Skin Tone
    Canis Majoris - Day AM -
  • 'Sedna' Settings

    Driftwood Sedna 'Settings' - Release 15th March 2012, 01:30am

    Stats: 24p Intra, 1080i/HBR Intra, 720 GOP3/GOP6 all settings as Orion with Sedna Matrices:-

    A = High Detail matrix Good for Wide full detail shots.

    B = Good allround detail matrix Great all round wide / mid shots.

    C = Softer detail matrix Softer skin tonal detail.

    Two packs, one at Quantisation 20 (default), the other AQ1 (pushed the Quantisation and bitrate further still). Note: AQ2 to 4 is unnecessary. Q20 is REALLY pushing the Quantisation to best levels without having to use AQ. Q20 Bitrate is measured to detail and will achieve in places AQ3 or AQ4 size bitrates without distorting Q so much as before.

    Sedna Q20
    Sedna AQ1
  • Cluster Settings

    NOTE: CLUSTER V6 Settings are thoroughly tested to record hi-quality filmic detail even using Ai or iDYNAMIC Modes - a feat that a lot of other settings will be unable to do. Try it.

    CLUSTER v6 'Nebular' - Sedna/Orion Optimised GOP 6 on PAL & NTSC Superb reliability setting on all REC MODES with great IQ. Cluster v6 6 GOP Variation 'Nebular'. Again, primed for a target Qp of 16. After another week's research and beta testing by my test team (with special kudos to @evanflys, @luxis, @Zaven13, @konjow, @onionbrain and @conscius please find attached Cluster v6 - the 6 GOP variation of the previously released 'DREWnet' setting at 12/15 GOP.

    The two settings (DREWnet info below this one) share striking similarities in the matrix and the only real difference is the GOP, the 'GOP Related' weighting of bitrate to i, p and b frames, and bitrate to produce a rate control that increases overall bitrate by around 25%. HBR/1080i certainly looks even better. But let YOU be the judge.

    • Achieves 80+ M bitrate at 24p resolving beautiful pictures and motion,

    • Avg 40M+ on highest detail for HBR/1080i with reliability on all modes inc. iDynamic, iA, Etc...

    • Avg 50M+ on highest detail for 720p resolving great looking IQ and motion. Again tested on iA and iDynamic High settings.

    • Hi quality MJPEG 2k

    • Superior audio from thepalalias at ''.

    CLUSTER v6 'DREWnet' - Sedna/Orion Optimised classic GOP 12/15 PAL/NTSC Superb reliability setting on all REC MODES with great IQ. Best of the 12/15 GOP Clusters to date - by far. A lot of effort has gone into testing these settings many thanks goes out to the following personal view beta testers;- disastronaut, evanflys, feha, thepalalias, MatsWedin, luxis, konjow, onionbrain, Frame, conscius, pichidominguez, brant_moore, fil2, and jellybaby. Well done!

    • Achieves 70+ M bitrate at 24p resolving beautiful pictures and motion,

    • Avg 30M on highest detail for HBR/1080i with reliability on all modes inc. iDynamic, iA, Etc...

    • Avg 40M+ on highest detail for 720p resolving great looking IQ and motion. Again tested on iA and iDynamic High settings.

    • Hi quality MJPEG 2k

    • Superior audio from thepalalias at ''.

    Driftwood Cluster v6 'GalaXian' for the GX1 - Sedna/Orion Optimised classic GOP 12/15 PAL/NTSC AVCHD/MP4 modes

    Here's the GX1 cluster variation entitled 'GalaXian' setting. Everything is souped up to Cluster v6 GH2 levels but set at 56M all round max, Q target is 18. You probably won't reach those dizzy heights. This features the Cluster v6 scaling matrix set on AVCHD modes. I don't think MP4 mode at level 66 baseline uses the scaling matrices as checked in ptools and Streameye Pro confirms this with matrices = n/a (not applicable) in the headers.

    There is NO in-camera playback of MP4 modes at present but they look dramatically better than the stock recordings, AVCHD is unaffected and playsback.

    Test it out and see how you get on. We may get the in-camera playback for mp4 modes sorted resolved?! For now continue testing...

    Cluster v6
    Cluster v6
    Driftwood 'Gala~X~ian' .
  • Quantum 9b settings & Mysteron

    The original plain old Quantum v9b with AQ4 and AQ3! Ah, memories!!!

    An updated version of Driftwood Quantum 9b (the old fav) for ptools v3.65d is added. The updated setting includes a Sedna adapted matrix and a few changes to the GOP Related structure but no big changes.

    Note: The original does work under 3.65d.

    Driftwood Mysteron. - Released 29th March 2012

    'Mysterious' Top notch 24pH Intra setting with deblocking. 720p50/60 (GOP3/6) Working and spanning. HBR / 1080i INTRA. Plus special burst mode setting of Mysteron giving 170M+ recordings and 900k Intra frame sizes at 5 secs hi detail, longer at less detail.

    Quantum 9b
    Quantum 9b
    Mysteron Classic -
    Mysteron Burst -
  • Crossfire Settings

    Variation 1: VY Canis Majoris 'Skintone matrix' + Cluster Setting24p/HBR25p GOP1 Canis's 'Skin Tone matrix' meets Cluster v4 GOP3 720p/HBR modes.

    Variation 2: VY Canis Majoris 'Green Screen matrix setting' + Cluster 24p/HBR 30p/25p GOP1 meets Cluster v4 GOP3 720p modes with adjusted I scaliing tables. Perfect looking buffers. Great setting. Recommend to use Standard profile and 320/160 ISO on flat lit Chroma Green screens or material.

    Variation 3: VY Canis Majoris 'Night matrix setting' + Cluster 24p/HBR 30p/25p GOP1 meets Cluster v4 GOP12/15 720p modes with adjusted I scaliing tables. Perfect looking buffers. Another great crossbreed setting. Recommend to use Standard, Smooth or Vibrant picture profile.

    More to be announced...

    Crossfire variation no.1- Canis Majoris GOP1 'Skin Tone' matrix with Cluster v4 3 GOP
    Crossfire variation no.2 - Canis Majoris 'Green Screen' Matrix 147M Intra GOP1 24p with Cluster GOP3 on
    Crossfire variation no.3 - Canis Majoris 'Night Matrix' Intra GOP1 24p and HBR-1080i plus Cluster GOP12-15 on
  • Can't wait to see what you guys cooked up. :) Hope testing was of any help.

  • ETA on Apocalypse Now? The anticipation is killing me!

  • Anyone know if damage occurs to the GH2 or GXX sensor when taking photos/video of the sun, for an extended period of time? This competition might turn out to be the largest mass suicide of GH2/GXX camera bodies, if damage does occur.

  • @Sangyw Same here I can't wait for it to release!!!

  • What I want to know will this new firmware make your GH2 play 'Ride of the Valkyries' every time you switch it on?

    "I love the smell of fried SD cards in the morning!"

  • @MartinD You need a proper filter to avoid damaging your sensor when shooting the sun. I am not an expert on this and don't have said filter, but did look into it awhile back. I would like to ask the forum experts what filter they would recommend for optimal quality of sunrises since I may well give the competition a go.

  • "Apocalypse Now" is there any visual differences comparing other settings?

  • Rather shoot tele than wide – if the image of the sun on the sensor is very small, the energy is more concentrated.

    Regarding filters: any good ND plus IR filtering should be fine, companies like Schneider or Formatt are offering combinations.

    That said, I've shot a lot of time lapses with the rising sun in the frame with my 7D without ever burning it.

  • @nomad Sounds like you meant the opposite: a wide angle lens would focus the heat less, according to your argument. :)

    Anyway, my own experience mirrors that of Nomad. I have shot hundreds of thousands of pictures of the sun each year, mostly with the 50D, and frankly you have a much greater risk of damaging the sensor through improper cleaning than through timelapse photography of the sun.

    When I shoot the sun with a telephoto lens on the GH2, I typically use an ND. When I shoot with a very wide angle, I often do not. This is not gospel.

    When it comes to camera damage concerns, consider the cost of repair work for your camera vs. the value you attribute to the shoot(s) you would like to attempt and the math should be easy to figure out.

    For me, I stopped worrying about kind of sensor damage years ago but it is definitely an indvidual decision.

  • Or @driftwood could change the subject of the shoot to something else unless it has to be sunrise...

  • Sunrise here in the UK I don't think I have seen the Sun for all the Rain. I will have to put an Orange on a stick

  • Ive made it easier for the lazy ones who dont wake up in the mornings. Ive now made the competition sunrise or sunset! :-)

  • Another pointless video I shot on a beach last week! Driftwood Cluster v6 "Drewnet" settings Vibrant -2, 24p. Canon FD 24mm & Canon FD 50mm except last shot with Lumix 14-45mm. Vimeo makes the waves motion a little bit strange, although the original footage is great!

  • @sakattaq76 Looks good. Quite like the look of that FD24mm lens, may have to fork out and buy one...

  • @Driftwood. Thanks sir, I always misunderstood this lens, almost all scenes are from Canon FD f/2.8, @ f/4-f/8 and a cheap variable ND filter.

  • this is my first movie with cluster 6 'DREWnet', profile smooth, pancake 20mm, hyperprime 12mm.

  • I decided it was worth while to post the untouched MTS files from my previous post in the previous thread. Reason being, I encoded the final project 2 times to ease up the strain on my PC when I sped the frame rates up in the editor. The originals look 10 times better IMHO. Anyways here they are. Canon FD 35mm Concave (the radioactive one) and Sedna A.

    and the final slightly graded project again so you do not have to hop around to compare the quality.

  • @Driftwood
    Could you clarify a little more on the Sunrise/Sunset? How long do you want it to be? The reason I ask is because I might have a few clips from the beach of a sunset, but it just captures the end of it, so the clips only a minute or so long. Or are you looking for a long clip (most likely spanned) of the Sun high in the sky all the way to setting/ the sun just rising all the way until its high in the sky? Just wondering so I can know if I'm able to use anything I already have, or if I need to film something new.

  • @sanzadez "Maximum duration of film = one minute"