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GH2 Carl Zeiss C/Y 28mm/2.8 50mm/1.7 135mm/2.8 testclips
  • To whom it might be interesting I share my experiments for filming w Contax Carl Zeiss lenses adapted to GH2. I am still discovering the possibilities, always challenged by the difficulties and how to overcome these. I am impressed by the performance of these old lenses I bought way back in 1980 aprox. Especially for filming!! for stills I am still more impressed by the Lumix G 14-45
    I am not a pro, but always on the run for better performance, techical and especially for the more artistic view and communication.
    here a link to youtube where you will find more clips from my GH2-C/Y combinations. All filmed in Asia.


    Thanks to all for the great knowledges shared here, especially to the team hacking!!!