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Q&A about LED lights
  • Since Vitaliy reasonably doesn't want to pollute the LED special deals threads with questions about the gear, I think it's worth starting a thread for people to ask questions and provide answers about various LED lights.

    (Please feel free to close this thread Vitaliy if you think it's too broad or you prefer PM method. I just think it might be good to have a shared information pool for people looking into LEDs.)

    So I'll start: I got a 312AS light from our special deals thread, and I like it. I'm looking to possibly purchase the 508 (don't have one yet). But I notice that the 508 costs more than two of the 312AS. So I'm wondering if putting together two 312s will give you the same or more power than one 508? I know that it is very convenient to have one light with more power than putting together two separate lights. But I'm curious about the overall power between the two lights.

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  • Sorry Vitaliy I didn't see that thread! I should've done a better search! I'll post my question there. Feel free to close this thread if it's not useful.

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