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Leicester Square event 21 July London
  • Just got this in my inbox - hope this is of interest to anyone in London:

    We are delighted to offer tickets to our Showfilmfirst Film Day:


    Have you ever thought about writing a script? Do you wonder how you can get a film made? Whether you are thinking about making your own film, just interested in the process or would like to find out more...

    SFF have put together a day for film lovers! Starting with a script writing workshop, you will get a chance to to hear from industry professionals covering the art of script writing, how to get your first feature made.

    Surprise Film Screening:

    As ever, we will have a preview of a forthcoming film followed by a Q&A with the film maker.

    There will be a panel discussion with Writers and Directors sharing their experiences of film making.

    Finally, we will also be announcing an exciting SFF competition for all budding script writers.

    We only have the venue from 9am to 3pm so breaks will be short as we want to fit in as much as we can!

    50% Discount for Showfilmfirst Member - £12.50

    Tickets are £25 to the general public, but we have an allocation for Showfilmfirst members for just £12.50 (fine for Showfilmfirst members to buy at this price for friends!) Book now!:

    Through the link you can pay on paypal or credit card. Tickets are then emailed directly to you.

    Any queries: