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Lilliput 5" HDMI monitors
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  • This is great, I used Lilliput 7" but it is too big ...
    added to my "to buy" list
  • Could one do anamorphic monitoring with this?
  • This is on my "for sure" list as well,i found it when "V" posted a thread about the stabler from the same site and i was close to starting a thread myself about these, what a find! these monitors perform exceptionally well for the price + I did some research and it seems the 10inch version of these Lilliput monitors are getting some good reviews but too big for my on site rig especially with a stabilizer etc. none the less, Thank You Vitaliy! this site is a really great find.

    Edit* wait thats an ebay link?
  • @OSGondar

    One of the issues with your seller is that it do not ship to some countries.
    With shipping price becomes only slightly smaller for ones they ship.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Thank You
    Regardless more options is always a good thing. I cant wait to get one of these, i have my eyes set on the 5 inch as shown above =) .... But speaking of prices and this particular monitor, did you notice that they have two versions of it on the site + the ebay one you link to making 3 versions of seemingly same features but with only minor differences in version #. I cant seem to decide if there is anything major actually different about them.

    Ebay link $219.98

    In comparing them they all the seem to be the same monitor and they seem to offer all the same necessities as far as features is concerned so naturally i am leaning towards cheapest but i am not 100% sure why exactly. Can anyone help enlighten me? maybe i am missing something in my overview but they seem to offer the same features and same practical use. so essentially they will offer same performance i think.
  • @Roy_Batty i'm sorry but they only come in 4:3 and 16:9 switches or auto (4:3 and 16:9 ) I was curious about that too since im sure we all love those anamorphics =) I think it will be very hard to find anamorphic display correction under $200! especially of varying options within the same monitor offering both 1.5x and 2x varieties for example =( sad but its an expensive feature.
  • Interesting is that this feature equires 1-2 hours of work for TV firmware change.
    So, you could ask actual producer for this.
  • I've looked at the Lilliput line before . . . don't their screen sizes come in a range of resolutions? (just something maybe to be careful of . . . don't want to buy under 1920 1080.)
  • @OSGondar The "HO" version has HDMI out (pass thru) while the "H" version does not, hence the $39 difference in price.
  • @killagram thanks! I of course noticed the $ difference, but at 3 am i couldn't focus <-- teehee. It seems the Ebay link is sans the pass through as well but at 19$ more and both offer free shipping! I've made my choice =)
  • @B3Guy:

    Which Monitor has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080?
  • @Angry_C

    No small monitors with 1080p res exist.
    Best ones use 720p.
  • well, the second bullet point in the Ebay listing says 16:9 max 1920x1080. Are they lying, then? is it only 720?
  • @B3Guy

    SmallHD DP6 has full resolution 1280x800 (not full HD) but it is expensive ...

    cheaper monitors downscale HDMI to Screen Resolution: 800 x 480,
    so you don't get sharp picture and all details of Full HD
  • The actual pixel count of the one shown in the Ebay link is 800 x 480...but it can display an interpolated 1920x1080 resolution.

    You get what you pay for but @ $200 it's worth considering...and I need something for my soon to arrive GH2...
  • Just bought one, review it when i get it.

    800 x 480 is good enough for 5inch screen
  • Is a 800 x 480 screen without any focus help like peaking of any help to gh2 users with the evf with about the same resolution. I am just asking.
  • Rambo, looking forward to your review. The two most important issues are - how accurately it can assist in focus and how accurate the exposure and colors looks on screen(I believe the histogram will show so exposure may not be a problem).
  • Ok monitor arrived, but i don't have my GH2 yet and obviously only works playback on GH1. BUT, I plugged it into my HMC 152 and it assists 100% with focusing on that without using the built-in focus assist on the HMC. The WB and tint can be fine tuned to match EVF or camera LCD, colors look accurate when this is balanced. It takes a few seconds to switch modes ie 720p to 1080i automatically, but i don't see this as an issue. I bought the large 5400mAh battery option.

    Sharpness and Res is good, you can easily see DOF start and finish range, so focus pulls no problems. Big hood is fantastic outdoors.

    I bought the one from CoolLCD dot com much cheaper than ebay (see above) AUD$227.52 including extra large 5400mAh battery, ball mount and shipping, Ordered on the 16th Arrived on 21st by DHL, very fast China to Australia.

    Highly recommend
  • @Rambo
    Thanks for short review :-)
    But we are still waiting photos of naked womans with your rig :-)
  • You're welcome VK, Will you settle for Philip Bloom in drag??

    Just a bit addition on quality, i can't comment on the electronics, they seem to work, but overall the unit is pretty solid.

    Knobs and buttons feel good, little play in them.
    LCD screen is matte not glossy.
    Battery, battery adapter and hood fit tight.
    Charger is typical cheap China type but small and light (good)
    Heaps of brightness at 50% (default)
    Contrast needs a boost to 65% (default 50%)
    I like the four assignable function buttons (F1 - F4)

  • 'and it assists 100% with focusing on that without using the built-in focus assist on the HMC' what do you mean by that, does it have some focus assist functionality like peaking?
  • I don't think there's any focus assist in the monitor. I reckon he is saying that the monitor is big and sharp enough that he doesn't need the built in focus assist of the camera.

    I bought monitor before from CoolLCD. There delivered fast and are responsive with emails.

    Anyway the music in the product video nearly put me to sleep while typing this. They really should change the freaking music.
  • No, the image is big and clear enough i have no trouble nailing focus and i'm 58 and wear glasses. i wish i had it for a wedding i did 3 weeks ago. You can see the depth of field, so it's easy to separate a talking head from the background because you can see face in focus and the back sides of the head.
  • This is great,
    who want to buy my lilliput 7" :-), kidding