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Strange undesired effect with picture
  • This is a strange effect I noticed. I took about 500 pics and this is the only one that came out like this...almost looks like video game graphics..strange...anyone ever had this happen to them?

    1920 x 1080 - 600K
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  • Nope.. Strange... Looks cool

  • Oh, don't worry, that is just the ordinary ship swallowing fog. Your camera is ok!

  • Now, seriously, I think that it is not the sea, it is something close to where you were standing, thus out of focus. Edge of the balcony, building, wall, something like that :)

  • You know, I think there must've been something in the way of the shot. I took it by steadying the camera on the railing of a cruise ship, but the railing was dark wood. There must have been something else in the way. It looks a Call of Duty game or