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Best first hack settings for holiday footage
  • Hey everyone.

    I've been following along the hacking progress for well over a year now but have still yet to make the switch and try a hack out.

    I'm going to go to Paris next week for a holiday and am taking my GH2. I was planning to go stock, but i figure it'd be nice to get some more quality, and some higher ISO access.

    My question is which setting is the best for me to try first. I'll be shooting with a mix of transcend cards, class 6 and class 10. I guess i'll have to go for class 6 safe settings then. I want maximum stability, and dont want the filesize to balloon up too much as i'll have limited cards with me.

    I'll go ahead and scour the forum some, but i've been a bit out of it lately so would appreciate some recommendations of super stable first attempt hacks for this sort of situation.


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  • sanity 5 is great very economical good iq very stable . doesnt eat cards at all. a step up from that and one of driftwoods clusters? v6 new one ? or flowmotion? (dont know how well class 6 will handle these) and cake possibly but that one i havnt tried so cannot recomend personally.

  • thanks @jakepowell, with class 6 as my lowest spec i guess i need to be careful. It's rated at 6 MB/s, which will give 48mb/s as my theoretical ceiling so i guess driftwood's cluster settings are all too high bitrate for me.

    I'll have a search for this sanity 5, cheers!

  • hmm, it seems class 6 card are so variable and in general it may be possible to be broken.. I wonder now about just hacking plain to unlock iso.. may be the safest bet, or just leave it as is, again... :(

  • Try flowmotion

  • at 44mb/s EOSHD 's vanilla patch? i tried this briefly before being tempted by other hacks and it seems decent and ultra reliable just below your threshhold. and sanity 5 though search it you will find it no problem :) have a great time in paris its a beautiful city (if you have never been, if u have before enjoy it again and get some footage up on here after ;)

  • @mrbill, looks great. But i think i need to get much better cards before playing with these settings :( even my class 10 ones would need testing, can't do that in this timeframe.

  • @jakepowell, i've seen some folks struggling with class 10 cards with EOSHD's vanilla patch, i'm starting to get nervous and will either do nothing or just patch with ISO unlocked perhaps... dunno... thanks though.. i always leave it too late!! :)

  • seriously try sanity its 38mbs at its max and vv reliable. (are you sure it wasnt eoshd's unified patch you saw class 10's struggling with? that one is 88mbps and full intra whereass vanilla is specifically designed for class 6 cards ... he says so himself... :) go on do it . you will be fine with those two! :)

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