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Selling my trusty GH1
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  • A bit pricy don't you think? That's almost $600 US dollars.
  • I'm keeping my GH1 mainly for timelapse. Also as B camera to GH2.
  • It is kind of like getting insider info on a stock you own. You know that the price is going to plummet later this week so you jack up the price to make it look like it is going up instead. My suggestion is sell it for whatever you can today because tomorrow you won't be able to get enough for it to make it worth the effort of selling it.
  • Brian...Im not selling US dollar prices! uk GH1s go for around 350-400 quid. So not pricey for UK. UK to no.
    Mpgxsvcd...exactly ;-)
    Not willing to sell for less...if does not sell will just keep it...aint worth the headache.
  • @mpgxsvcd Not so fast. I don't think GH2's 720p mode can take advantage of B frames, right? GH1's 100 ISO is better than GH2's 160 ISO. Its bundled AC battery pack makes it easy for timelapse from indoor. GH1 has a place to stay. I don't know about resale value though.
  • I think the price will stabilize and then go up a bit for GH1 when the new ones are all gone. I'm keeping mine for the time being as it is noticeably less noisy at ISO 800 than the GH2 for video and looks great with the BP patch. But in a year, there will be a new model of something....I once sold an RME Fireface 800 for $1200 on eBay after using it for two years, and I saw them new, online, with warranty for $1100 when I sold mine for $1200. I originally paid $1000. So go figure.
  • @stonebat

    We will see with the next Ptool release. My money is on the GH2VK.
  • What's your point? Nosediving GH1 and Skyrocketing GH2?

    I sold GH13 last year at $800. Then I got GH17 at $300 and GH23 at $700. I know how this game runs.

    As VK said, most people don't give fuk about GH hack. The price might fluctuate, but GH hacks don't have much impact on price over long term.
  • Everytime I buy a GH1 its been cheap and everytime I sell and make a profit. Alot of the people who have bought from me had no interest in the hack.
    I sold the first GH for near 1000 (bought for around 750) just a year ago...then dropped to 600 (bought for 250) and so on..Ive been fortunate to make a good return on each sale that enables me to buy nice things like nokton and now GH2.
    Plain thing is...if someone wants one they will buy one.
    With this GH im selling its different...Its my baby that ive had good times if it does not sell..Im not going to be crushed...maybe make a start of a VK museum in oxford hahah
  • Or donate it to the Ashmolean. They could put it in a glass case for future generations to ponder!
  • When donating it to a museum, don't forget to set timelapse at 100 hours interval. Visitors are not watching the camera. The camera is watching them. Hehe.
  • Hehe Museums lost sold last night. So not that expensive after all ;-)
  • Good for you!! My NIB GH1 closes auction this Sunday night. 24 people are watching it. I'm waiting for bidding fireworks at closing minutes.

    I'm keeping one GH17 though. It will age like a fine old bottle of wine :)
  • Wow. NIB GH1 & used 14-42 sold at $600.
  • GH1 body-only is now out of stock at Cheapest price from sellers they redirect to is $560ish
  • GH1's are going UP in price from what I've seen.
  • Prolly due to GH2 shortage.

    GH1 has stable 720p AVCHD and MJPEG patches where GH2 seems having stable 24p patches.
  • @stonebat
    GH2 MJPEG is much more stable and you could use much higher bitrate :-)
    As for 720 and 1080i, stabiliti is already ok if you lower bitrate a little, but it will improve.
  • If that's the case, SELL SELL SELL!!!
  • @stonebat not necessarily.

    the price of the GH2 is at a point where you could reasonably expect GH1 NIB to get to $550 - $600ish. The difference in quality between GH17 and GH23 just wont be worth $200 to most. Obviously professionals disagree and that is perfectly fair.. But to most, $200 will be better invested in a lens.
  • I was kidding. I'm taking good care of GH17 and GH23 :)
  • :) but it will be interesting to see how they hold their price..
  • Here in UK GH1s are dropping 250-299
    I bought another GH2 body off a 65 year old guy for 350quid today...he told me he preferred his GF1
    hell yeah!

    Also...on gh2 1080P works in mpeg at silly high bitrates...looks astounding