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HDMI cable over 3m length that works?
  • Hello folks!

    I now have a short HDMI cable which works nicely with my cheap 10" chinese monitor.

    But both long cables i bought, one with 10m , one with 5m length show no reaction of GH2 whatsoever, I even can switch ex-tele-converter on while connected. It is not a cheap cable, it is quite thick and hdmi 1.3

    Are there any details known as to specifications or maximum length of an HDMI cable for the GH2? Help would be very much appreciated.

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  • @fatpig

    Title is highly misleading, please change it.

    I suggest to check with your TV or any other monitors.

    Many bad 5m and 10m cables exist, as manufacturers like to save on wires using very thin ones.

  • dont know what planet i was on when writing the title ;) must have confused it with the category i put it in. So you know of no hard facts to consider when buying these?

    Is there anyone who has successfully used a cable with a length over 3m directly from GH2 to monitor?

  • I have, but I was also using a splitter/signal booster.

    Cable- I haven't tried it with the splitter, but it claims to have a signal booster


  • Slaying the Cable Monster: Why HDMI Brands Don't Matter,2817,2385346,00.asp

    There is definitely radio interference from even the best HDMI cables. This affects all HDMI home appliances in marginal TV reception areas, even when some of the devices are in standby mode. Salespersons seem to have been trained to quote some high-cost shielded brand over another. Personally, I have found installing a switch to unplug them fixes the problem nicely - at home, that is. With external camera monitors that's not always going to be the case.

    So, has anybody found a brand of HDMI cable which has substantiated its claims to be a better product?

  • - I've never had an issue with any HDMI cable I've bought from them. 1.5ft to 35ft.

    I've only gotten the normal (passive) cables, not the new RedMere (active) cables.

  • I have a generic 5m HDMI cable from that works with my GH2 and chinese monitor. It gets cable-tied to my crane and certainly gets abuse, still working!

  • I have a 25ft (7.6M) HDMI cable, and it works fine with the GH1, GH2 and all the monitors I've used and I used it with a passive splitter (generally not recommended due to double termination) to go to both a framing monitor and a large colorspace monitor at the same time and never had an issue.

    As for cable quality, there is no reason to buy an expensive cable over a cheap one. If they are HDMI spec rated(and approved) then they should all be ok. HDMI is digital and is not nearly as susceptible to interference as an analog signal.

  • @svart Good advice and consistent with what PC Mag say.

    However, the problem remains with the cable itself leaking large amounts of some sort of digital fog; both along the wire into connected devices as well as emitting both digital signal and data transfers in the form of RF noise.

    This notoriously affects the analogue side of some appliances connected (eg zero TV reception) so I would expect also mic or audio inputs. Radio mikes might be specially affected.

    Svart, can you maybe meter this for us for RF, gauss or wavelength? I appreciate your electronic skill and I am on holidays away from my workshop and working on my mum's TV :-}

  • Actually, I can. I have a spectrum analyzer and antenna capable of doing so. Honestly though, I expect the egress from the HDMI cable to be very small since the voltages are very small, especially if the cable is properly shielded. The frequency of the HDMI signal can be anywhere from 150Mhz to 340Mhz but the harmonic content from the square waves should allow harmonics into the 1Ghz range, although very small.

  • @svart

    That sounds right but it would be good to test and rule out RF emission as a culprit. I think the TV disturbance is more than likely limited to induction to connected devices - as experienced by home theatre owners with daisy - chained TV, DVD and PVR. Investing in heavier shielding is often money wasted. Maybe some circuitry could make the cables behave themselves whilst doing their job; an op amp, or just an extra capacitor or something to isolate keep the square waves from the sines.