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Fast, faster... Mpeg Test Shots ;-)
  • Thought I'd better make a new thread for this, as it doesn't have so much to do with the SD-card discussion...
    So here's my fastest clip so far:

    Quicktime states 180 Mbit, whereas Gspot says 210.735 Kbit - which would be 205 Mbit...
    Was recorded with a Sandisc extreme (without "pro", 30 MB/s, Class10) with the following settings:
    Quality 600, 450, 230, 200 / Table: 4, 4, 4, 4 - I'll try some new settings today & keep you posted
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  • This clip hasn't got the same bitrate as the last one, "only" 160 Mbit (Quicktime value). But because movement isn't that fast & blurry, the image quality is much more evident.
    About the subject: deserted industrial plot / wasteland in Friedrichshain, Berlin
  • You don't mention what lens/lenses you used. If possible try with a very wide lens 7-14mm or 20mm...pointed at a bush which fills the whole FOV. If that doesn't cause instant lock-up I'll be impressed...
  • No mud. Super crispy clear. 160Mbps... WOW
  • This is on the GH2? If so is it stable?
  • This is why I think that G3 is same shit again.
    This thing after tuning and testing is able for near 200Mbps shooting.
    Make it available in 422 and FullHD, plus ability to write gian files on DSXC cards :-)
  • Well... GH23 is raising the bar as GH13 did.

    GH is looking more like a camcorder disguised in a camera body. It's such an oddball flagship body. No IR port. No wireless TTL. Slow sync speed. Weak DR. Then boom!!! 200Mbps bitrate.
  • @Skeptikal - usually 14-140, did a lot of tests at 14mm with only green (manual focus so not to strain the CPU and small aperture, so I get more detail) - didn't freeze much (± 3-4 times out of ± 50 test shots)... But it's not the way, I previously thought as well: that with a lot of tiny leaves, you automatically get a huge bitrate. It seems to be depending also from the amount of contrast etc. - so e. g. if the leaves are too far away, there's not so much contrast. And of course the image is more boring...

    @Vitaliy - how do you think chances are for 422, I was hoping since it works on GH13, it should be doable for GH2 as well?
  • the footage bitrate quality is excellent. please shoot test chart at full screen and tells us if it fails
  • Hi there, don't have that much time, made a fast test, simply with the image on 22" fullscreen, not printed - no write errors, made 2 clips (with AF because I thought it'd be better to move the cam), they are 100 and 125 Mbit and look quite normal... Printing it doesn't bring much with my printer, and unfortunately I haven't got the time now, to have it printed somewhere else...

    Just noticed, I wrote "didn't freeze much (± 3-4 times out of ± 50 test shots)" yesterday - this is not expressed very exactly, it only FROZE once (when I filmed with the experimental 720p50 AVCHD settings, without filming with 24p first) - the other times it wasn't freezing, but I got the usual card speed errors. So taking into account I was filming with datarates up to 180 Mbit, having this little trouble is really a good sign I think.
    Settings I used for the last couple of tests were the following: Q 800/600/400/200 - T 4/4/4/4.
  • @cinegraphy - thanks for doing the test. dont worry about printing it out, off the screen is probably fine for these tests. if you get time it would be really usefull with the 20mm as this should push the bitrate right up there :)

    would you like to try setting all the q to the same, in my experience of testing last year, it made no difference, i set all q to same value and all t to same value. i know that different people have different thoughts on it, but i was getting great results (almost stable 100mbit 422 on GF1 which i still use now) on all Q 400, all T 24, so maybe try all Q 600 all T24, and then push it up from there. what do you think?