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Sony NEX-FS100
  • Very interesting camera with large sensor.
    Image performance is better than AF-100.
    Camera have some design problems, like no ND and some clutter of buttons.

    Camera will be available at the end of May.

    Price - $4,999 body only, $5,599 for kit with lens.

    FS100 vs F3 comparison

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  • the F3 and FS100 are clearly better in image quality than AF100. It's hard to describe it but they just feel more organic, have much better DR and are much more sensitive. have you seen the F3 s-log footage with 14 stops of latitude? totally out of my price range but it's really good. My problem with AF100/GH2 is most importantly highlight roll off and color banding. But I could only afford the GH2 so.. hopefully the hack will improve things a bit. And also, it seems that the AF100 is the first out of the cameras to break down at iso 3200 and introduces purple chroma noise.
  • As far as I know, Panasonic is in big danger considering their pro cameras.
    This is main reason of marketing rage, you need to sell fast.
    Not today, but Sony will be progressing very fast.
    I also want to look at Samsung, as we could have some surprises from their side.
  • I agree. The image quality of the new Sony cameras is wonderful. Let's hope this recent trend of every-improving image quality in sensors will trickle down to consumer DSLRs within the year.
  • So far the FS100 looks like the better camera. This is probably the start of sony dominating the large sensor video market.

    I am not convinced that the m43 sensors will catch on like s35 sized sensors. Time will tell.
  • Got my preorder in, should be a great match to the f3.
  • @Hunter_H_Richards

    I think that it'll be really great cam.
    Especially if Sony decides to move some firmware features from F3 down to it :-)
  • here in switzerland I can't make a preorder from B&H, that's bad, I should pay here around 6800 sFr for body only ( about 7,700 USD). Have somebody a suggestion?
  • @Amadeus5D2

    It is as simple as shit.
    Find a place that accepts your international card.
    Register at , read their help pages and preorder using provided address, they'll ship it to you, and at the good shipping rates.
  • thanks for this info Vitaliy, unfortunately there is a limit of $2,499 for switzerland
  • >unfortunately there is a limit of $2,499 for switzerland

    Customs limit?
    Good thing with Shipito is that you are the one writing customs declaration :-)
    Just remember to order repackaging option is this case and do not call this "Gift" ir "FS-100".
    "Refurbished Sony Camcorder" will do :-)
  • Straight Dynamic Range chart does not show how much this cam falters in color rendition when hitting 100IRE. Both this cam and the AF100 need a type of gh1/2 "smooth profile" that gives a nice bloomy shoulder while sacrificing a half of stop of DR. Otherwise it looks too videoish compared to the f3/red in high dynamic range situations.

  • I'm a bit disappointed about aliasing ( strings of violin ) issue at 2:00-2:05, isn't it a bit too much? myself i'm concertguitarist and would make musicvdeo's and string are very difficult to capture...I think my GH2 isn't so bad concerning aliasing .
  • I looked through the reviews and the specs for the FS100 and tried to compare them with the GH1.

    Greater dynamic range (10stops vs ??)
    Better low light

    Better encoding (100mbps vs 24mbps) - this is not a perfect comparison as the quality of a codec varies, but I doubt that 24mbps will be more efficient than lpowell 100mbps settings. As a comparison, the AF100 with its super efficient 24mbps codec still lags the 100mbps codec for fast moving targets. The mud is well hidden but still there if dancers are filmed.

    Less aliasing - The F3 and FS100 both show aliasing. The GH1 seems to exhibit none.

    Finally, there is the point of the sensor size. I have shot both with the 5D Mark II and the GH1.

    Honestly, you need a dedicated focus puller with the 5D and with approx 1.6x crop FS100. The GH1 IMHO is at a sweet spot where you can actually pull off shots of moving targets without a focus puller. If DOF is needed, a f0.95 lens or even some of the c-mount f1.3 lenses can be used.

    Finally the fastest lenses for the FS100 will be the 50mm f1.2 lenses. The fastest normal lenses will be the 24 or 30mm f1.4 lenses. The low light of the FS100 will have to exceed the GH1 by 2.25 times to match my 25 or 50mm f0.95 lenses.

    Then 5D does appear to have a 2x advantage over the GH1 in low light, and the FS100 is partially better. Its possible that the FS100 w/ a 30mm f1.4 lens matches the GH1 with a 25mm f0.95 lens. A low light comparison should also involve lenses. There is no point in having a super low light sensor if the only available lens is a f5.6 zoom.

    The extra dynamic range (with a loss of resolution) can be achieved by a T2i with the ML hack. The T2i will also offer a programmable rack focus.

    I can buy the GH1 + Computar 25mm f1.3 lens + T2i + kit lens for about 1K. Just something to think about!
  • @zcream are you serious? comparing the FS100 with a GH1? even with a GH2 is not fair.

    with the FS100 you can shoot 30db and have a beautiful noise (16000 ISO equivalent), with a GH1 the Maximus is ISO 800 and with a GH2 ISO 1600 in very rare situations ISO 3200.

    What about all the Proper Camera Buttons and Functions? DSLR are a really affordable way to shoot but after the release of cameras like the FS100, F3, AF100 they are not professional tools anymore. probably people with very limited budget like me, will still use them. but If I have $5000 in my account right now nothing would stop me to buy that sony cam.

    The Voigtlander is a nice lens but in my opinion meant to be used at F1.4
  • DSLR are a really affordable way to shoot but after the release of cameras like the FS100, F3, AF100 they are not professional tools anymore. probably people with very limited budget like me, will still use them. but If I have $5000 in my account right now nothing would stop me to buy that sony cam.

    Try not to start flame war about HDSLRs vs Camcorders. :-)
    I do not agree that ANY cam is not professional tool.
    If someone makes money using Hi-8 camcorder it is professional tool.
    Same for HDSLRs. New large sensor cameras are really joy to use, and we'll have more and more info about them from actual users in our community. But it do not make any other tool non-professional.
  • @andycorleone
    With the AutoISO settings at Shutter priority, with Emory settings, I have noticed much less noise at settings that would normally need more than 1600 ISO.
    It appears that AutoISO unlocks 3200ISO for video, and manages to change ISO in small increments to avoid the fpn issues.
    And I would disagree about the Voigtlander - it has a soft look at f0.95 but it indeed usable. There is much more that I can do in terms of camera placements and rigs with the GH1.

    Again, its a different perspective. With the right tweaking, the GH1 with the 100mbps hack blows out the GH2, AF100 and the EX1. The 4:2:2 MJPEG is perfect for greenscreening. The only limitation is the lack of a 4:2:2 mode for 24P and 25P.

    And for that, I have my HV20 with the PAL hack, with HDMI capture with a DIY rig to AMV2-MT codec. Its lossless 8-bit 4:2:2 and it records to a single HDD. The compression is 2-3 times and it makes it far better than the other rigs released.

    Again, this is for my usage, yours will be different.

    In terms of resolution, the GH1 with the right lens is already touching 900 tvl. This is pretty much the limit of 1080p - and the EX1 just barely exceeds it.

    Finally, IF you are making a film with any 35mm camera, get ready for a focus puller. There is no way you can film anyone walking or moving at f1.4 or f1.8

    The only advantage I can see is the dynamic range, better low light (hmm depends on the lens speed) and the extra buttons. Personally I would rather buy 3-4 GH1 cameras instead of a single FS100.
  • I'll PM it. ;)
  • Engadget Sony NEX-FS100 review


    We've been uncommonly keen to get our hands on the Sony NEX-FS100 ever since we first heard about it back in March. You see, this is no ordinary camcorder. Its spec sheet reads like a liturgy of filmmakers' prayers: a large Super 35mm Exmor CMOS sensor, interchangeable lenses, XLR inputs and proper, professional controls. Sure, it comes with a $6,600 price tag to match, but it also heralds a trend that should ultimately benefit pros and ordinary gadget denizens alike: the arrival of big, bold DSLR-style optics within dedicated camcorders. How do these optics effect the quality of the NEX-FS100's footage? Plant yourself somewhere comfortable and click past the break to find out.

    Check it out -
  • At first they said 10 bit output, and then when it was confirmed that it was only 8bit I completely loss interest in it. The HXR-NX5U $ 4000 has 10 bit hdsdi. So in 2 years you will have to buy the FS200 to get it or wait for the FS300 and then they will tell you that they listen to you!!! Look at those hopeless Sony VG10 owner who are hopping for a firmware update to the $ 2000 camera (with lens) released not much more than a year ago. It has it forte, like extremely good low light quality, but I would have preferred a good Iso 1600 with 10 bit uncompressed output, than a good Iso 6400 with crap 8 bit. 8 bit should be banned, people are having 12 bit raw files in the photographic world for less than $ 700.
  • Honestly, FS100 has terrible picture quality, imho, with lots of chroma clipping, my friend bought one,
  • @olegkalyan

    I think article is pretty flawed because author is definitely not neutral :-)
    AF-100 is wonderful camera.
    But some bounds must exist.
  • Well, Sony always had best PR in business, (I really wanted to buy F3, has not been convinced on the footage, samples that are shown on vimeo, etc, to this day, nothing impresses me, lots of junk with highlights and croma clipping)
    To be honest I think that GH2 with the hack is a better camera than F3! (just by looking at the results!)

    With some tweaking, that not discovered by many colleagues, the AF100 can show remarcable results, virtually no noise in 1000 iso..

    (Barry is knowledgeble Panasonic guy, will meet him when he presents new AC160 in Moscow)

  • >Barry is knowledgeble Panasonic guy

    Indeed. And as I said AF100 is very good camera.
    Unfortunately AF100 company is out of bounds.