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InfiGo Jib
  • I am curious if anyone here had any experience with an IndiGo Jib
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  • @dkitsov

    Try to provide some information, photos, links.

    I think that small amount of people could tell you about their expirience.
    So, at least some user of other jibs could give you info looking how similar is this product to that they own.
  • Sorry, I just didn't want to advertise them. They have very little info on their website.
  • It is not advertising :-)


    Just ask them - via PM for more details and photos.
  • FWIW, I have the IndiSystem UltraCompact package, and I'm perfectly happy with it. They build sturdy stuff, it's pretty basic, but it's not gonna crap out on you. The only difference between the IndiSystem stuff and the more expensive stuff is weight and perhaps some bling factor (IndiSystem's stuff is basically flat black.) For the price (which is insanely reasonable,) there's nothing better. Everything is standard system, and has plenty of adjustability/customizability. No-nonsense stuff. An IndiGO Jib is on my wishlist, right after an H4N . . . and a bunch of free time in which to finish my script.
  • PLease post answer here if you had an immediate day-to-day working experience with a jib. I am not interested with the speculative opinions based on some other gear that the company makes. Cheers
  • I built my own jib. not very hard, there are plans all over the internet and will save you lots of money.
  • ill be shooting a couple of shoots next week with a jib ,since i dont have a follow focus that i can control from far, i guess its going to be kind of like trial and error type of thing to get the right focus, good thing i got live monitor ,thus makes it a little easier framing be on the safe side im going to shoot with the lens closed ..what you guys think f5.6,f8,or f11 ? the subjects are going to be a bunch of dancers ranging from 10 ft away to maybe 30 ft away, thus no need for shallow DOF