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Review of Canon XA10 XF100 XF105
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  • Nice shots Mr Bloom. If we get that XF codec in a DSLR I'll be very happy.

    The video above is a good example of what you need to do to get shallow depth of field effect on a small sensor with deep DOF. Macro focus, background far away. I do the same trick with my HX9.

    Dynamic range looked a bit limited though - highlights were a bit harsh looking.
  • The compression looks great, the sharpness in good light looks great, the colors are good, but DR,highlight roll off isn't as good as GH2 or 5D2. And ofcourse it's not a shallow DOF kind a tool. About 10% of times I wish I had a camera like these or a tm700 and despise using a dslr but the $$$ for the 10% for a starving student....:)
    By the way @EOSHD: cheers for that video you posted a while ago comparing GH2 DR to a 60D, cause that shot of the sunset that had cinema and then nostalgic profile was a shock to me at how terrible cinema's roll-off was compared to nostalgic, which my own tests confirmed and have been a happy bunny ever since:)
  • Interesting, I find the same. Cinema Mode on the GH2 is supposed to have 'smooth tones' according to Panasonic but I find the tonality of Nostalgia better.

    Currently it is 'trendy' to extract high DR from a camera, but personally I don't like the approach. HDR stuff looks ill. Our friend in deepest darkest Cornwall, Sam Morgan Moore thinks it sacrifices tonal range and I agree. Sony pro cameras have a 'knee' setting which is designed to protect highlights, but it does so at expense of gradation from one shade to another so you get a nasty stepping effect.

    Better to give up on DR, let the highlights blow smoothly with a nice roll off, than to try and hold onto them. I have tuned my GH2 to do same.

  • Noticed the dinky american flags in the foreground. He is trying very hard to be established in the USA :-)
  • Hey Vitaliy, can't wait for Philip to do a review of the GH2 with the firmware- (when its puring like a v8)- (or is EV better now?)? Anyway- Philip should really plug in the GH2 PTool and take it for a spin.

    On the Canon note- how does this review change your opinion of the GH2- its a bit like Apples and Oranges? (yet the Canon does seem to get a great DOF effect- but that is probably more to do with the camera man!)

    Hope you haven't been watching too much Carlin lately! That guy could entertain for days!