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Selling Voigtlander 25mm/0.95 and SLR Magic 12mm/1.6
  • I am selling my Voigtlander 25mm/0.95 and SLR Magic 12mm/1.6. I love them but I am planning to get Panasonic/Olympus lenses, possibly with zoom because that suits my style (documentary) better. They are boot in 'as new' state and I still have the warranty certificates (2 year in Europe, both are less than a year old). I can ship them anywhere but probably the most interesting when you are in Europe. I accept PayPal payments or bank transfer.

    Other gear I am selling: - Sekonic L758Cine lightmeter - Swit S2000 LED videolight with Anton Bauer Powertap

    Get in touch with me about pricing.

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  • I searched for a Voigtlander 25mm/1.5 and I could not find one

  • @sohus can you post some pictures of these lenses which you are selling. How much you are expecting??? Do they have any scratches how clean and bug free they are???

  • USD 450,- is my offer for the SLR Magic 12mm/1.6 shipped to Denmark.

  • @kankala Sorry, my bad, changed it to 0.95!

    @pixel_viking Offer in EURO please, I am based in the Netherlands.

    @rajamalik Completely bug free. No scratches, both are as new.

  • USD 450,- = EURO 360,-

  • usd 500 for nokton 25mm 0.95 I will pay extra for shipping it to chennai India.

  • If you like we can exchange I have 14-140 panny.

  • 500 euro for the voigtlander

  • Guys, this is not auction!

    use PM.

  • PM sent.

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