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Best Timelapses
  • If there is one guy who can make a timelapse movie that people will pay to see, it is Tom Lowe. We've seen some of this stuff in the past, but now he's made it available as a 4k release -- making him probably the first to sell a 4k feature to the public.

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  • Worth it, even if I only bought the 1080 version – will be a long time until I own a 4K projector, I'm afraid.

  • Amazing!

  • It is my understanding he filmed with the red epic right?

  • @adamquesada Parts showing regular motion were shot with the Red Epic, while the time lapse sequences were shot with a 5D Mark II on a motion-controlled slider.

    I watched half of the full video, and have to say it is mesmerizing -- well worth buying.

  • Apparently his picture got pirated, and he isn't too upset about it.

    A comment from him at The Pirate Bay concerning the torrent:

    Greetings. I am Tom Lowe, the person who spent two years of his life living out of a Toyota pickup truck to make this film. If you enjoy it, please consider buying a copy from our website at or at iTunes, or maybe giving it as a gift to a friend, so we can recover the money we invested in the film, and then make some more films for your enjoyment. :)


    Budget was 300k, he made 200k so far. Not so bad though.

  • @Macalincag I paid for it. Always going to support art like this.

  • Keith Loutit played around with post-production tilt-shift and developed it further with some fancy depth-map-controlled blur-effects in this one. Also really love the "lego-stop-motion" timing he did for some segments...

    Lance Page managed to create some convincing (to me) "handheld" time-lapse footage in this one.

  • (edited to conform to video time-lapse topic)

  • @larsarus

    WOW that Lance's dude did a great job there!!!
    dunno why but handheld TL give me a comforting humanness to the experience.
    a huge amount of work also for Enrique merging of Bilbao.

    the nice standard/classic/cinematic/smooth/perfectionist PB kind of style

    the little more "innovative" or dynamic approaches IMHO, with other music than the grandiloquent opus :P
    doesn't always mean neat clean pristine quality

    I like rob playful style


  • @maxr

    dunno why but handheld TL give me a comforting humanness to the experience.

    Interesting that you should say that. To me, I kind of got the feeling I was an alien observer - an alien living at a different speed. If you did some macro, underbrush, timelapses with those kinds of movements, you could maybe convince the audience that they saw the perspective of a snail or something. Anyways, very effective. Apparently he used handheld footage, shooting a couple of dots, to add motion on top of the typical move and pan timelapse footage in post.

  • I kind of got the feeling I was an alien observer

    jajajja @larsarus that's EXACTLY the feeling I have when watching the more "stable" TL, i.e. smoothy movement into or around a rock or dead tree and then unidiaporama: the starry sky with the milky way with mountains in the background or as seen through pine trees (we always need pine trees). An alien which have been visiting from quite a while and will still pass by when humans are all gone; hence I (as an alien) grasp better the fast paced movement and changes of the cosmos (macro and micro) :D But when the TL is more into the playful editing or subject, I stop being an asshole, I mean alien and relate closely to the feeling of making sense out of all this being humans nonsense
    what a lot of crap, well... is what it is.

    shooting a couple of dots

    what do you mean "dots"?
    all good • m

  • what do you mean "dots"?

    @maxr I assume he had a white piece of paper which he drew a couple of black (or colored) dots on, and then did some handheld camera handling while recording the piece of paper. Then he tracked the dots and used their motion to move a cropped area around on the time-lapse sequences. He writes about it in some comment on vimeo (or maybe it was

  • so... (zombie just about to break into tears) it is not really shot handheld?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Not strictly speaking a timelapse, because it's real time, but nonetheless awesome. Plus it's shot not far from where I used to live, near Mt Victoria in Wellington. Thanks for posting!