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Applications Using the GH2' s Quality-for-Size-and-Cost Ratio
  • Known for its image quality, the GH2's real edge can be its quality-for-size-and cost:

    • During news coverage of Australia's 2009 bushfires, ENG crews needed small CMOS cameras they could pack away, run with, and if necessary lose to the flames;
    • Journalists to trouble-spots choose easily-concealed cameras which until now have been either too expensive or which sacrifice image quality to conceal-ability;
    • We have already seen how the GH2 is an affordable, high-quality choice for hexacopters. Not only is the GH2 light enough and the image good enough, but in case of an accident the camera can be crashed and damaged, but, like the copter itself, the footage can be valuable enough to make the calculated risk worthwhile.
    • A feature film shot on RED or Alexa might need footage from a crash-camera which still cuts-in with the HD footage

    DSLR in a Crash Cam Box Made out of a Pelican 1300 Case

    For most of us, our GH2 is a precious, one-off acquisition. But, if a camera has to be crashed, it's best to protect it. One rental company has a DSLR crash-cam case easy enough to build from a Pelican case, some rods and T-receivers:

    Crash Box Crash Box