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Your Onkyo receiver runs on MontaVista Linux
  • Small but interesting research (this is for low end 2011 model, current analog is NR515) :

    He did not finished research, encryption and checksum are still unknown.

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  • Interesting but don´t understand the benefits of this..

  • @Kihlian don´t understand the benefits of this

    They don't say, do they? Science for its own sake, maybe?

    Or does somebody suspect, like with the GH.x, that some features have been locked away - eg certain countries, or because they want to use the same chips as a higher-level model but don't want the same features enabled, that the machine has a greater capacity but would become less stable...

    In any case, a knowledge of embedded systems will help us all.

  • @Kihlian

    Benefits of what?

    I just posted this in blog as found it interesting.

    As all modern receivers aI know work on central ARM chip with some kind of OS.

    Considering hacking - low end ones sometimes differ in very subtle ways from top offerings.

    Sometimes it is just some flags to turn off advantech calibration algorithms and other features.