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Pimp my cheap rig
  • I've got the cheap rig from the deals topic. I decided to start improving it.

    First off i replaced the aluminium rods with longer stainless steel ones. Next up comes a pair of blocks for the shoulder pad and a tripod mount. The section behind the pad is reserved for the battery which should be delivered any day.

    Then i will get some sort of follow focus. Im looking for a good quality/price product. There are already some follow focus designs for 3d printing, but im kinda sceptic about the gears.

    I was also thinking about 3d printing out a filter holder until i get a matte box. And for a while, i've been thinking about making a ring light for the 15mm rail system.

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  • Any updates? Also, how do you like that monitor? Thats the H067 or whatever it's called that's 5.6" and 1280x720?

  • Hey. Its coming along nicely. I just added the RJ Follow Focus F3. A friend 3D printed the shoulder pad fixers and the tripod mount with the 1/4" thread. Next thing is printing out the battery holders for the rear part of the rig.

    Ive done some shooting and the handles seem pretty weak (thin rods with very soft foam grips). I might replace them soon as well.

    I havent tested the monitor in the field on an actual shoot yet, but as far as i have been goofing around its probably the best option for that money. You would mainly use it for focusing anyways so the 16:10 stretch doesnt matter.

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  • Cool 3d prints- they look effective and light!

  • I also suggest to check diameter of handles rods, may be you could just get other MTB bike handles

  • A little update. A more compact mode with a ring light we made. The external battery powers the camera and the ring light (and/or the h056 monitor).

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