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Corrupted video files
  • I recently filmed a long teaching session and my GH2 but had 2 unplanned power offs - Chinese batteries couldn't show me power was getting low. The files that were effected by the sudden power off can be viewed off the SD card on my lap top, but I can't capture them to laptop - keep getting corrupted file message. Any suggestions re: freeware that could help me with this?

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  • I find your question hard to understand: If you were already able to view the damaged files on you laptop off the SD card, then what keeps you from just copying them to your hard drive and use them? What other kind of "capture" do you require?

    Regarding software: You could use e.g. the tool "mkvmerge" from the mkvtoolnix suite (see to re-multiplex the video files into a new .mkv file.

  • The same problem happened to me. During the shooting , GH2 turned off (low battery/ no indicator) and I can not see that clip on the sd card. During transferring process to computer I see note that there is one corrupted file 700mb . Clips are going 001, 002, 004. Clip 003 is missing and I still didn't find out solution to find it.Unfortunately, it was very important moment on the wedding, so I'm in big trouble :-)

  • Yeh I think the sudden power off prevented some aspect of the file from saving to the card completely. I think there is normally a delay from when you end filming, and the file being saved to the card - cos I normally see the red card icon flashing on screen for a second after filming end. Sudden power off seems to interrupt this file saving process. I can only view it from the card - after a delay, but it wont let me copy to hard drive or capture via vegas. A data recovery mob quoted $120 to do the job but will try the tool you suggested first.

  • You have great chance to recover corrupt MTS from an SD card after a power shutdown if you removed the card from the camera immediately and haven't recorded anything on it.

    These free tools saved me from hell several times:



    You also may need to demux/remux the video and audio streams with tsmuxer:


  • After reading your post I seem to remember that @Driftwood was using a piece of software (trying to recall, I think it was Panasonic's own software) for MTS recovery with some corrupted MTS files earlier on in the testing last year.. Had a search but couldn't find the posts that contained the info required :( Although a google search for MTS recovery brought up some interesting info, including this..

    Good Luck :)

    Edit: This might be it.. I have never used it, so can't vouch for it, but hope it helps..

  • Thanks everyone. Finally resolved.

  • Sorry to wake an old thread, but Mullum, you never mentioned which solution resolved the issue. I'm facing the same problem...

  • Actually, Windows 8's disk repair service solved my problem. For Safety, I'd recommend imaging the disk before using such a blunt-force tool...