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Tall Painting Making of Video
  • Here is a short video I just finished up. My sister did this for the final project in her college painting course.

    I think my GH2 is still on Sedna AQ1. I used a Konica Hexanon 40mm f1.8 stopped to f2-ish (riding between clicks). Hopefully I captured the unbridled awesomeness of repeatedly pouring paint over a tall form. Enjoy.

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  • Shaking not nice. Otherwise nice.

  • Yeah, I did this handheld. She kinda didn't give me a ton of notice before she started, so I had to grab my camera quick. I'm actually lucky that the battery lasted.

  • @B3Guy Oh, nice!! I love the way we get to see the process and that's as important as / more important than the final product, I think. I mean, the process as well as the final "product" both look gorgeous.