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Lighting in a office complex
  • Hi guys, shooting a short film in a office complex with has Fluro ligths in the ceiling. I'm in Australia (PAL), and I'll be shooting wi the GH2, 1080p 24, 1/50 shutter. The only lighting kit that I have access to will be a 3 x set redhead kit.

    Just wondering if or how I can use the ceiling fluros ( the short film is set in a office) and use the redheads for lighting on the subjects? I've read you have to set your color temp to 4000k for Fluro...

    And will there be a flicker issue cos I'm in PAL land?

    Thanks guys.

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  • You could have any issues with office lighting.

    Like very low CRI, with awful looking skin, etc. And yes, flicker can be present, so it is good idea to travel and test most things before actual shooting. Also some tubes can have sifferent temperature, either because they buy different ones or just because of aging.

    Readhead are not the best pair to this. Most probably cheap fluos kit, in about $120 can be much better. Ask @stonebat, I am sure he have one and got it for this low price on ebay.

  • Thanks Vitaliy.

  • @azza_act- How is your office film going? I am going to have to film a corporate video here shortly myself, and KNOW that I will be filming under the same exact environment. Did you find any solutions to your flickering light issues, or are you just filming in offices that are on the exterior walls of the building and have natural sunlight?

    Any input you can post on this would be fantastic- I am going to be building out a lighting setup to deal specifically with this type of environment.