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Repeatable Focus Moves with Focus By Wire lenses
  • Here is my little contribution to PV. These focus by wire lenses are maddening. So, I've been trying to finda way to manage repeatable focus moves. Here's where I'm at: Physically superimposed marks on the LCD or monitor. (Stick on) I first tried camera tape strips with pen marks. Not bad but ugly. Also grease pencil and so forth. What I came up with (and could be improved is this: (see photo) screen protectors for cameras and Iphones havee a little scale for cutting with precision, I just cut off the scale and stuck it over where the distance slider appears when you manually focus an auto lens. It's transluscent with marks and numbers. Then I used the focus chart and tape measure and memorized distance for each auto lens. (sort of) It could work for your focus puller, or piss her off. But i like it for hitting a couple of marks without spazzing out on the focus ring. It's something. With the 12-35 pana, it could be promising eh? Photo taken with camera phone looking into the varavon loupe diopter, mounted on gh2... Good Loupe! Thanks Vitaly Let's get 'er in focus dammit!

    repeatable fuckus.JPG
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  • @bheath

    Thanks for your effort & ingenuity. Next best thing to some sort of quantum-leap solution like pre-programmed focus-points.

  • LOL, JPEG file is named "repeatable fuckus". Yes, it effs me. Repeatedly. Every time, in fact. Hence, I am hocking off my 14-140 because it just sits in my bag.

  • @B3Guy - focus by wire is the photography equivalent of a long distance love affair, no real satisfaction in the end. I only have tried this translucent tape measure on the lcd with my summilux pana. It does work well enough that I won’t have to bat that lens off the camera. I put an espresso pot gasket around the focus wheel and just jam the ff gear into it. There’s a kinky dude here that fit a Coch ring over his “gear” for that purpose. I’m too shy to go in one of those adult stores, or to handle these bedroom implements in the field, so I just use the good old conservative kitchen ones.

    @Roberto - Thank YOU. I always enjoy reading your posts. This is the first time I've participated in any kind of forum and it's quite fun and interesting.