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Vari ND (fader) and CPL filter together ?
  • I wonder what would happen if used in combination a ND (or vari ND) + CPL filter ? As some times is needed ND but to eliminate refflctions also needed CPL how would these affect each-other . Which should come first (on top) ND or CPL ?

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  • Just tested my new Vari-N-DUO Thin from Singh Ray.. has the Variable ND 2-8 stops AND a circualr Polarizre built in. NO vignetting at 11mm on my Tokina 11-16mm nikon mounted lens. Amazing. I will post creative test videos soon.

    Amazing really. I use it all the time outside. Lets me have shallow depth of field and cut down on unwanted reflections such as leaves and helps bring backs sky blues. Much more filmic look.

    example of something I shot:


  • @JPB1138 , WOW, really nice, film like feel. Thank you for the info and the price is about right for the quality and having both in one.