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FUKOSHIMA LIE (danger to the world) Documentary
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  • OK, just for fun let me post the Fukushima documentary I created last year, with focus on the failings of the IAEA and other regulators to keep the public informed about and safe from the dangers of nuclear disasters....

  • OK, I haven't had a chance to view either of the previously posted videos, as they don't make it past the proxy I'm currently behind, but that said I still think this article is relevant. I'm not endorsing it either, but it makes some points that seem worthy of further investigation for the interested.


    This is my sixth column about the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident that started last year in Japan following the tsunami. But unlike those previous columns (1,2,3,4,5), this one looks forward to the next Japanese nuclear accident, which will probably take place at the same location. That accident, involving nuclear fuel rods, is virtually inevitable, most likely preventable, and the fact that it won’t be prevented comes down solely to Japanese government and Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) incompetence and stupidity. Japanese citizens will probably die unnecessarily because the way things are done at the top in Japan is completely screwed up.

    Understand that I have some cred in this space having worked three decades ago as an investigator for the Presidential Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island and later wrote a book about that accident. I also ran for 20 years a technology consulting business in Japan.


    To review, there is a 90 percent chance of a large earthquake in the minimum three years required to remove just the most unstable part of the fuel load at Fukushima Daiichi. The probability of a large earthquake in the 10+ years required to completely defuel the plant is virtually 100 percent. If a big earthquake happens before that fuel is gone there will be global environmental catastrophe with many deaths.

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  • Nothing new in here..... 3000 years ago there was a great civilization, called the Minoans, who used to be the core merchants of bronze age (the "global player" of their time). But they build their main harbor on the island of Santorini, which happens to be a giant volcano.... and when the volcano blew up, not only was their harbor destroyed, but the collapse of the volcanic dome created a tsunami that devastated the seaboard of Creta...which happened to be their homeland. Their civilization was inflicted a lethal wound, and less than a century later, they were totally gone.

    And why did they develop there in the first place ? Precisely because of seismic activity which enriches the soil with very interesting minerals. It's like a trap set by nature itself.

    And guess what, hundreds of millions of people live today on such seismic regions.... just to talk about Japan, California, Istanbul, Mexico City, Naples... (just see what happened in Haiti, this will happen again, and again)

    Other people happen to live in a place called "Tornado Alley"...

    Humans tend to behave like a very stupid species, they develop in places that will ultimately kill them and destroy everything they built. Of course, our ancestors couldn't know......and today, now that we know, what can we do about that ?