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  • This guys rised almost 13 millions not long ago

    No one really can tell if they are up to the task, but you can preorder this stuff.

    Final Cut XII courses in 2014

    Jim, how can I cut and color correct this using only 7 fingers?
    It is not possible, Mark, you need to use 9, and one hand must be above your head constantly.

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  • I will buy one when it is in stores. Wary to give those guys credit card for preorder. Looks like a fun extra input option when doing stuff on the PC. Also handy for presentation when I use notebook. Messing with trackpad is not always handy. Pretty cheap, though. I've seen products enter the market at super high prices. @ $70 everyone will have this in their home. Nice thing is, you don't have to buy a new monitor :-). Wonder why they haven't been bought by MS, Apple or Google.

  • Wonder why they haven't been bought by MS, Apple or Google.

    Because they are already owned by same guys who own this three.

  • Well those venture capital firms will get their money back soon when they can market this right and on time.

  • My arms feel tired just from watching these videos.

  • I was already wondering when watching "Minority Report" why we need to work so hard in the future for some gesture control ;-)

  • You have to wonder about a product that is being offered as a preorder 6 months or more before it's available. Where did the original capital go? Also not that impressed with there credentials as written in that business times article a PHD drop out a student researcher and a ex CEO for a company whos site is now a blog. If they want my money they need to bring it to market. Needing 6 months tells me it doesn't work yet, may never or just plain sucks. Hopefully they will prove me wrong and become insanely rich selling product that exceeds the faithfuls expectations.

  • @Scot

    They got capital just few days ago, so capital go to making production version, engineers, design, paying factories, for many things. Quite serious guys finance them.

    Plus this thing really works, as you can see numerious repors and videos by various sources. So, do not worry, their owners will be insanely rich (in fact, they are rich for very long time already).

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Actually I hope your right! I just see things to be cautious about and luckily I don't need to be the first on the block to have one.

  • I just see things to be cautious about

    It is good habit, but in this case I think that they just had good PR guys.
    As having more money never hurt, and I am sure that they got many thousands preorders.
    Plus they promised to ship them before winter.

  • My arms feel tired just from watching these videos.

    Hahaha, so true! Reminds me of using a front heavy camera rig, you think it's so cool until your arms start to hurt, from then on it's no fun anymore.

    Tom Cruise's sessions in Minority Report only take a few minutes - what if it took several hours like most of us are spending on the computer when working?

    I guess arms should definately not have to operate on eye-level but lower, but then the screen isn't eye-level

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    On there order page they say "We are estimating that these units will ship in December (2012) or January (2013)." that's where I got 6 months or more

  • Waving your hands at a computer is as stupid as talking to one. Might be handy (pun intended) for things like tablets, public place terminals and games, but as a personal computer input - meh - not very productive or efficient.

  • @ssh

    You are badly wrong.

    It is very useful thing. Not for the use they are showing (but it is effective), but for keeping your hands over keyboard.

    All you need to do is to put it on small stand facing downward. So, it'll look at your hands resting from the top.

    And it'll give you enormous power.

    Belive me, as I try to track most interface innovations for last 7 years.

  • I am an artist and work long hours in my Cintiq 21UX, I wonder how this will fit in my workflow, if somehow can be use for drawing, sketching, Painting...will see.

    Thanks for the post

  • i'm a computer musician, and right now i do a lot of performing with multitouch trackpads. this looks absolutely amazing --- if, that is, they give us access to the data and don't just make it "always a mouse" like the apple magic trackpad annoyingly is.

  • @arvidtp

    They promized SDK.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    for keeping your hands over keyboard

    That's a cool idea! What's missing is tactile feedback/confirmation.

  • What's missing is tactile feedback/confirmation.

    It is not what is missing, it is big advantage due to extreme precision of the device.

  • It is not what is missing, it is big advantage due to extreme precision of the device.

    Yeah, playing Virtual Pool will never be the same . . .