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(Mubi's) LomoKino 35mm Movie Camera -- interesting!
  • I'm a member at Mubi (formerly Criterion's The Auteurs), and just got some info on a movie camera - analogue.

    Just thought I share.

    The LomoKino Movie Camera in general (

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  • quirky!

  • @Roberto Agree! I see that using a 35mm film you get 144 frames per film. That could be a promising creative limitation if you confined yourself to one reel. Probably the film equivalent of writing a novel using a 160-character SMS message. I think our amazing electronic cameras make it too easy sometimes. Not sure I'd have the patience or the imagination to work with limitations like that, though.

  • 3-5fps. I wouldn't call that a moving image.

  • Be sure to put it on a tripod, they are hard to hold steady while cranking and at that framerate any camera movement is amplified.

    I've been surprised by how much cheap plastic is involved - I doubt they last through more than a dozen rolls of film, but still pretty cool for 80 bucks. Now I just need to find somewhere that still develops film - not so common anymore :(