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GH2 hacked - hangs and have to remove battery
  • Hi guys,

    A friend of mine and myself are having the same problem. I am using driftwood Mysteron and he is using Cake v 2.1 - and we both get the GH2 hanging up during recording (frame freezes, no buttons react, doesnt shut off, have to remove battery, file is 0 kilobytes). I noticed that Canis Majoris Day was even worse and hung up even more often. Is that problem known?

    I have an extrememory sd card 32gb, which never gave me any problems with driftwood up until last month.. he is using some cheap card, but then again, its only cake he's using.

    Any help on the matter will be greatly appreciated.

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  • I can highly recommend to format your card quite often. Best to format everytime you copied your files to your computer. (dont forget a back up too)

  • Menu, setup, reset. Try reflashing the camera. Try different hack settings. Use a good memory card. The card really matters when you're recording at bit rates higher than stock! There's no reason to mess around with any card other than a SanDisk Extreme. Do several full (erase/overwrite) formattings of the card using the SD Formatter utility. Format the card in the camera before shooting.