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UK: Queen Elizabeth II regime facing the beginning of the end
  • As the Eurozone crisis deepens more than 100,000 people could lose their homes if mortgage repayments rise by just £20 a month - a leading charity has revealed today.
    The Bank of England has warned that as UK lenders are hit by higher borrowing costs families should prepare to pay more as the increase is passed down to consumers.
    This could lead to thousands losing their homes if the hike results in mortgage rises of £20 a month because people are already struggling with overdue bills and cards.
    Instead of helping this people, queen regime spends enormous money for celebratations. It is now clear that such regime couldn't last long.

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  • Dailymail is the worst xenophobic,scaremongering and exaggerating UK tabloid going. Take anything they write with a pinch of salt.

    Saying that.

    Im anti regime...Tourists only really come see the Palace and Big Ben ;-)

    Also I rent our home. ;-D

  • @Mimirsan

    Title is made by me. :-) As for tabloid, I just provided part that is simple facts.

  • Hard to believe a 20/month increase will cause default on mortgage.

  • @brianluce

    See no problems with it. If you income all goes to payments necessary for your life, like food and home service, even 20 pounds can be enough.

  • As much as I'd like to believe or they want you to believe the fact is government is a mere puppet of the queen. They can't do anything without her consent.

    Do you really think the people who colonised almost the whole world will let go of their power.

    Instead they found a better and efficient way to control the world.

    Control the money control the world.

  • Gotta love the Daily Hate paper @brianluce agreed as they've put £4 on a bottle of vodka and cigarettes are near on £10-00 a packet in places - glad I don't smoke anymore or drink ... well lol

  • I mean seriously, a Londoner could go outside his house and literally beg and panhandle for 45 minutes and raise 20 squids or whatever they call it.

  • :-) squids are also easy to come by considering that theres a big ocean around.

  • Oh, journalists love negative stories. That's why I hate them so much. They pretty much caused chaos when a government minister claimed it was a good idea to "stock up" on fuel. But the ensuing panic was caused 100% by the press gloating over this announcement and reporting the queues at stations, predictably causing yet more until they supply system simply fell over and the fuel ran out.

    Anyone outside the UK also needs to know that there's a big difference between how newspapers and broadcast media are regulated. Newspapers in the UK all support a certain agenda and have virtually no regulation. Having said that, in a fast-moving situation like the petrol "crisis" above, it was the broadcasters who were mainly to blame as they were able to follow the whole thing in real time.

    With this finance / Euro story, I would value independent, reliable analysis of what's going on and any historical parallels we can draw. Of course the press will say it's going to be a bloodbath, but journalists say the same thing about everything so that's not worth the paper it's printed on (especially the Daily Mail). Probably the saner analysis comes from sources outside the EU who aren't in the middle of all this and have some perspective. Not saying this story isn't a bloodbath, but running around like headless chickens doesn't do anything valuable.

  • One of the ideas in economics is that people make decisions AT THE MARGIN.

    That is, raise or lower the price of something, even slightly, and it will be the straw that broke the camel's back for someone, somewhere. £20 isn't a lot, but for some number of people, at the margin, it's enough to make their mortgages unaffordable.

    That said, it's hard to believe that at £20 the margin is 100,000 people, since there are only about 11 million mortgages in the UK to begin with. 100,000 is nearly 1%. £100 might have that kind of impact, though.

  • well there is the RUMOUR (attention to the word) that in July (Olympic games) some kind of catastrophe will happen in London.

    Search for it.

  • Probably the saner analysis comes from sources outside the EU who aren't in the middle of all this

    The Italian President has spend in the 2011: 228 million of €, it has alone 2.158 employees, four times those of Buckingham Palace or the White House. Buckingham Palace have their costs on continued reduction, expenditure data are known and knowable by anyone who wants make certain while we know only what the President asked the Treasury to manage its expenses, while the details of how this money is used is not known.

    That´s what Italian Newspaper write..

  • George Clooney on The Daily Mail..

    George Clooney has refused to accept an apology from the Daily Mail's website over a story claiming his fiancee's mother objected to their marriage.

    "The Mail knew the story... was false and printed it anyway," he wrote in a statement published by USA Today.

    The paper, he continued, was "the worst kind of tabloid. One that makes up its facts to the detriment of its readers."

    The Mail Online apologised "for any distress caused" by its story while denying it had been fabricated.

    Clooney thanked the Daily Mail for its apology before adding: "Not that I would ever accept it."

    "What separates this from all of the ridiculous things the Mail makes up is that now, by their own admission, it can be proved to be a lie."

    Their 'facts' aren't particularly reliable.

  • If a £20 increase will cost you your house, then you've made some very poor personal budgeting decisions.

  • @thorn If this is a situation you can't relate to, then you've certainly lived a privileged life and are coming to some very ignorant conclusions.

    Personally, I have shot documentaries in the farthest and poorest reaches of the globe and I'll tell you that there are plenty of places where a single dollar can make more difference than you can understand and 20 pounds would be a small fortune.

    The fact that this type of poverty is happening in places like the UK and North America is probably the most clear sign that we are fucked as a society. Well, that and the type of ignorance you displayed, which perpetuates the divide.

  • I think there is a major disconnect from people that are really poor and people that are really rich. I will give you an example, if you grow up really poor then you have nothing to lose if you commit a crime. So drug dealing, stealing etc etc is not a big deal because they do not have anything to lose and generally speaking don't have the same opportunities as wealthy people. So these types of people are the most dangerous because they have nothing to lose. This is the type of social/economic problem that creates gangs etc. This will only become worse as time goes on unless society changes.

    People that grow up rich or wealthy have a different perspective on life. They are not exposed to the hardships of life so therefore cannot empathize or understand what people really have to go thru just to survive. I am talking about basic food and shelter and yes some people actually work and still can't afford housing.

    I remember talking to this one guy that was so sheltered he said he never saw a fight throughout intermediate/highschool. This is the type of example that I am talking about they have no clue because they have not experienced anything like it. This is not their fault because they have not experienced this type of environment. When I went to school intermediate/highschool gangs would rob you if you couldn't defend yourself or were not part of a gang to protect yourself. You would get the shit beat out of you for wearing the wrong colors or even worse. If you looked at somebody the wrong way you better be prepared to throw down etc etc.

    This is kinda like Republicans and Democrats they will never see eye to eye because they have totally different views. In large part I mostly agree with the Democratic view point however there are certain things that I agree with on the Republican side as well. Buy the way I have voted for Republicans and Democrats so I have not loyalty to one party or the other. I vote for whomever I feel is the best candidate at the time, just like cameras I will purchase whatever brand is the best for my needs at the time.

    I will say this though I am proud to live in the United States of America, and even though we have a shit load of problems we still have the greatest amount of freedoms afforded to us. Although things are not fair you still have every opportunity to become really really wealthy if you set your mind to it and work hard. This is not the case for many other countries so this is why I feel really blessed to live in the USA.

  • @JuMo

    Without regard to the type of life I've lived, try reading what i wrote and you'll see that I've made no implication that $40 can't make a difference in anyone's life. That isn't what I said.

    What i DID say is that if increasing your mortage £20 will cause you to LOSE you house, then you've made some other decisions in your personal budget that weren't smart. For example, perhaps you should not have purchased a house to begin with, if you are so close to going broke that £20 will take you over the edge. Perhaps you shouldn't have a mobile phone, or should not have purchased another new pair of shoes. Perhaps you should not have gone to the cinema twice last month. Whatever.

    This article referenced UK homeowners - not 3rd world residents that live in a mud hut and could survive for 2 weeks on £20 worth of groceries, so take my comments in the relevant way in which they were given.

  • @thorn That is a much more clearly explained perspective. I guess I felt the need to defend people who might be in serious financial trouble due to factors outside of their control (local economy and local employment opportunities), which, when I read your comment, seemed like a scenario you were discounting as even being a possibility.

  • what happens is it all creeps up on you. £20 might not seem like a lot, but for some people it's the straw that broke the camel's back. Maybe 10 years ago that wouldn't be anything to them making the house payment, but with inflation, higher taxes, higher everything except paychecks,... shrinking budgets little by little every year it could very well mean the difference between not eating, or paying the mortgage on time. £20 here, £20 there, eventually you're talking about real money.