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Video out while recording with GH1 - Solution
  • I really needed external monitoring for the GH1. As you all know, the composite and HDMI switches off during recording. I really needed an option during a loong dolly move.
    Hence I was thinking of a battery powered baby monitor camera near the dolly.
    The director would have the baby monitor lcd at his end.

    Here is a source for a 2x wireless camera solution for a multi-camera shoot.

    5V battery for the 2x spy cameras near the dolly. 1x 12v battery for the lcd monitor near the director.
    ONLY useful for framing..

    So I am going to use a wireless camera that points at the GH1 LCD. The wireless receiver is in the hands of the director. Thus the director can frame the shot remotely.

    Any ideas/suggestions ??
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  • Try to change title.
    I also not completely understand that you want here.
  • "I really needed external monitoring for the GH1"

    I am presuming you are asking this because you want to use adapters with 3rd party lenses and manual focusing at a distance correct?

    I too am angry after buying 2 gh1s that the gh1 does not even have live sd video out (i knew no hdmi out but never thought it wouldn't have at least sd out live) but there is no workable method that I know of that will do what you want within a reasonable price range. I think it is best to just buy a GH2 for pro manual focusing abilities through an external hd monitor.

    The only el cheapo alternative to a gh2 I thought of was to look into was getting some kind of magnifying glass box (called a loupe) to put over the lcd itself to allow for live focusing similar to the focus assist zooming feature which I need to get any static shot in focus before I think about recording. That is the only way I see how live manual focusing on a GH1 could even come close to working as far as I am concerned unless you don't mind all your moving shots to be slightly out of focus making them look like sd video. But again, this would only help the cameraman, not someone far away, there is no workable method for that for live shooting on the GH1 that I know of.

    If it even existed and you had the money to buy some kind of macro HD video camera that had live hdmi out that you could somehow attach to the gh1 lcd, then I think all that money spent for such a camera would be better spent for a gh2 in the first place.

    The link you gave is to a camera and monitor that isn't even sd quality, it has this spec
    "2.5-inch LCD screen with 480 x 234 resolution"

    You could never even focus properly in sd with this cheap camera and monitor let alone HD, I guarantee that if you buy that baby camera/monitor thinking it will do what you want it to do with a GH1 you will be really disappointed after you get them.

  • This is not for focusing just for framing. I am using wide angle lenses on a dolly for 2 dancers.
    With the wide angle, the DOF will be very deep and hence the dancers will be in focus.

    The dolly operator cannot see the dancers while moving the dolly. Hence I am going to have a master cameraman out of frame just viewing the video feed for correct framing.
  • A director, dolly operator, master cameraman, dancers and a 2.5 inch baby cam, have fun.
  • Only dancers, a director, dolly operator.
    2x GH1s and a baby cam