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Can you monitor Audio out of a GH2?
  • Using magic lantern with my 60d i can monitor sound out of my camera. Is there any way to do this with the gh2 and a hack? cheers, Jayson

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  • No, the only hope is that some day someone will hack the firmware to transmit audio out via HDMI, and find an adapter that pulls the audio signal from HDMI to a headphone jack. For now your options are Beachtek / Juicedlink / another preamp with audio out monitoring, or using an external recorder.

  • find an adapter that pulls the audio signal from HDMI to a headphone jack

    Most good monitors have such option without any adapter.

  • The problem is the GH2 does not send audio out via HDMI while recording ...

  • Yeah I don't like to monitor audio going into the camera, i used to do that and under pressure of a must capture shoot, i can easily stop watching the audio levels and not b recording any audio. This is the only reason I haven't switched from the 60d for all my shoots. I have to hear what I'm recording. So gh2 is my music vid camera for now.

  • Heeey guys, I do believe alot of us really do want this, to have true audio monitoring from the GH2. Can't the hack somehow enable sound to be fed through Live-previewing and recording??? I assume it cant be that hard...I would gladly donate some money to make this happen ASAP :D

  • @GH@_fan I'm right with you, i'll help how i can if it's possible to get to monitor Audio out of the GH2

  • "I assume it cant be that hard..." In fact it could be even impossible. But I anyhow second your request, if one could just plug into external LCD and monitor the sound thats actually recorded this would ease up things alot.

  • To @woodybrando and @Meierhans I'm so glad you guys are behind on what I've said, I think something is needed to start pushing for this to happen, the update firmware released by Panasonic and thanks to @Vitaliy_Kiselev for making it possible to modify it and flash to the GH2 is a good step forward and shows what can be done as well, but I was wondering if anyone has taken the time to use this to somewhat slightly 'reprogram' the way the GH2 works i.e. sending a live audio signal to the outputs of the camera.

    I hope Vitaliy_Kiselev himself can somehow one day achieve this or is up to the task, but if anyone else knows who knows how to do these things, please let them know about this, it would be great! :)

  • @GH2_Fan I can tell by your mindset you will take this the wrong way but, if your not happy with what hackers have done buy another gh2 take it apart and see if you can solve the problem. Or offer someone $20,000 to hack it for you if you can't figure it out. Too many people on here think its easy to do this stuff, I'll tell you what I'll do, send me your GH2 and $10,000 and I'll make it into a Red Scarlet and ship it to you, then you will be happy. You have the mindset that because someone like VK has the knowledge and skill to possibly pull off such a hack that people on this forum should "start pushing for this to happen" as if because he could possibly do such a thing that people like yourself are some how entitled to have it happen. Go out and do it for yourself.

  • @chazzmoe I think you've gotten it all wrong, because I absolutely do not have that mindset that you've described, noway in the world did I say or myself is initially unhappy with what Vitaly has done, I am infact very appreciative (dont know if you've gotten that) with what he's done, and probably without it I probably wouldn't have made these posts in the first place. I dont think it's easy, no, but I do think there are people like him who is smart and probably knows more on what I'm talking about, not forcing things to be done but probably trying to focus things, but definately not in a rude or demeaning way, if I had his wonderful knowlege I would certainly give it a go :) The hack was already a big leap and I just wanted to see if more can be done, or has to be done :D

  • Anyone else interested for this to happen? :)

  • @chazzmoe that was out of left field. any creative process, as hacking is, is helped by getting feedback. and our feedback is simply if anyone knows how to get audio monitoring working on the gh2 let us know what u need to get it done.

  • Course you can. I use a Sescom LN2MIC-ZMGHN-MON cable to connect GH2 to my Zoom H4n recorder and it has a connection to connect headphones. Easy.

  • @BigBadFun that lets u monitor audio into the camera i need to be able to monitor the audio out from the camera like i can on my 60d

  • U can monitoring audio right before u press rec button.

  • @woodybrando - You use audio from the camera?????!!!!!??

  • @BigBadFun yeah absolutely, in my 60d with magic lantern audio sounds as good as audio into the h4n, we have an h4n and used it b4 magic lantern let us monitor. We use an external ARTusb pre-amp and turn the internal gain in the camera all the way down. 0 difference between recording in camera vs recording into the h4n as far as quality goes. And you don't have to sync files in post.