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Video Monopod VS Shoulder Rig
  • What is your preference? After using both, I am leaning to the monopod approach. For me, It's easier to get quick, steady, pseudo-lock-down shots in a run and gun situation than a shoulder rig.

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  • Depends what your shooting also, I shoot weddings and I found using a monopod saves my arms over a rig. Weddings can be up to 8-9 hours. Short films/ narrative stuff though, I'll use the rig.

  • I use sticks for static and then pull my rig off sticks when I need to move. I just hate all but the highest end monopods.

  • I never have liked using monopods. To me they are clunky especially when you have to pan. Edelkrone pocket rig is an absolute gem too. I have the modula 7 and pocket rig. I use both depending on how portable I need to be.