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Sony and Panasonic shares
  • Sony and Panasonic shares plunged to their lowest levels in more than three decades on Friday as investors fretted about the future prospects for two of Japan's most iconic firms amid massive losses.

    Sony, which reported a record $5.7 billion annual loss Thursday, dived 6.43 percent to 1,135 yen, while Panasonic closed down 1.55 percent at 570 yen shortly before posting a record $9.67 billion annual loss on Friday.

    The firms' shares stood at their lowest level since at least 1980, taking into account previous stock splits, according to the online edition of the Nikkei business daily.


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  • What is the solution? Is it, as mentioned, to pretty much ditch the TV line and streamline their products? I'm sure they'll sell a bunch of 4K TVs. Their camera department must be doing pretty good though? I haven't been keeping up with the tech business side of things.

  • I cant see how Pany are't selling cameras.. I bought 3 in GH2, a gf2 and a gf3 in the last 6 months... cant even get a hold of a 25mm f1.4 even when I want to .. out of stock everywhere.. same with the 20m 1.7... WTF?

  • @pvjames I live in Europe and the high street is full of Sony and Panasonic. Yet, nobody buys nothing there and the backstreet is rocking with chinese products selling like hotcakes.

  • So many models. So many things on sale. The channels are flooded with older models. When GF5 goes on sale, for example, you will still have GF2 and GF3 on sale at half price for months. What is the real difference in picture quality, again? Same with TVs. But that's just one thing. The companies just aren't very streamlined. Probably a lot of overhead. In a way, it reminds me of Apple in the 90s. Thing is, Samsung is also all over the map with their products. Yet they do create a few stand out products. Also Samsung makes so many components for their own products and for other companies. Samsung is totally integrated.

  • My tv is 720p. Good enough for watching Netflix streaming.

  • @Ebacherville you want the panny 25mm? For whatever reason Canadians get better stock of panny dslr products -- try aden camera; they'll ship to most locations, have bought four lenses and two bodies from them and been very happy.