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Importing GH2 MTS for FCP 7 and PC PrPro
  • Hope someone has tried importing footage in both, or maybe it's just not possible.

    I shot some footage in Sanity HBR that imports fine into Windows Premier Pro 5.5, but failed when trying to transfer the files to a Mac. I copy and pasted the MTS files from the card to an external HD formatted with FAT 32, as this has been successful way to transfer files between Mac and PC.

    I read that you need the entire file structure off the card. So what are some ways to go about this? Is log and capture off the camera the only way? What about the entire file structure from an SD card reader to and external harddrive, then log and capture?

    What if we need to go back and forth between different computers? A a workflow between PrPro 5.5 on Windows and FCP 7 even possible via XML?

    I did some research but couldn't find what the deal is with cross platform and the GH2 footage? In fact I'm hoping there is no problem with Sanity HBR and FCP 7

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  • Copying the whole SD card structure to disk and then using Log and Capture will work. If you copy just the MTS files, it will work in some apps and not in others - not in the ones that rely on the full directory structure. I find this limitation really annoying (FCP7, FCPX, etc) because I like renaming my MTS filenames to something useful. I typically keep a copy of the original MTS renamed to my liking and then transcode to prores with 5DtoRGB which doesn't need the folder structure to work. Then you should be cross-platform compatible and editable in pretty much whatever NLE you want.

  • @subco, appreciate the advice! I'm used to both Win7 and FCP7 but this is the first time importing from GH2 to Mac. I'll probably just be working on the Mac platform if they need me, but how well does exporting XML work from PrPro 5.5 on Win7 to FCP 7 on latest OSX? I could even go from PrPro from Windows to Mac both 5.5 then over to FCP 7?

  • @Oedipax.. thanks, we cross posted.. I'll take a look at that workflow.. I already sent a text to try subco's suggestion because I already transfered some MTS files to the mac HD for someone to edit on FCP 7. I think they wanted me to also edit with them so I may have just do it on the Mac (which is fine, but I have a Win7 at home). I would also like to be able to be cross platform for future projects and this one too if I can.

    thanks again!