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Pentax sold to Ricoh
  • HOYA Corporation (“HOYA”) and Ricoh Company, Ltd. (“Ricoh”) hereby announce that pursuant to decisions by the President and CEO of HOYA and Representative Director of Ricoh, respectively, HOYA and Ricoh have executed an agreement as of today to transfer HOYA’s PENTAX Imaging Systems Business (the business of developing, manufacturing and selling optical instruments such as digital cameras and replacement lenses, digital camera accessories, security camera-related products, and binoculars) (the “PENTAX Imaging Systems Business”) to Ricoh. HOYA will effectuate this transfer by incorporating a new corporation (“NewCo”), cause NewCo to succeed the PENTAX Imaging Systems Business by way of a corporate split (kyushu bunkatsu) (the “Corporate Split”), and transfer all shares of NewCo to Ricoh (such split and transfer shall be referred to as the “Split/Transfer”) as of October 1, 2011 (Estimated).

    Prior to the Split/Transfer, HOYA intends to transfer its interests in PENTAX VN CO., Ltd., an overseas subsidiary of HOYA in relation to the PENTAX Imaging Systems Business, to NewCo.

    Please note, that since the Corporate Split is a simplified corporate split (kan-i kyushu bunkatsu), disclosure items/content have been partially abbreviated.
    Further, HOYA will continue to develop its businesses assigned from PENTAX Corporation which was merged (kyushu gappei) into HOYA on March 31, 2008 other than the PENTAX Imaging Systems Business, such as its businesses regarding digital camera modules, DVD pickup lenses, endoscopes, artificial bones, and voice synthesis.

    1. Background of the Split/Transfer
    HOYA merged (kyushu gappei) with PENTAX Corporation on March 31, 2008, and has developed the PENTAX Imaging Systems Business assigned from PENTAX Corporation until now.
    As part of selecting and focusing its management resources, HOYA has decided to cause NewCo to succeed the PENTAX Imaging Systems Business via the Corporate Split, transfer the business and shares, etc. of HOYA’s Imaging Systems business subsidiary to NewCo via a business transfer and share/interests transfer, and thereafter, transfer all shares of NewCo to Ricoh.

    Ricoh’s core business is office solutions focusing on MFPs, Ricoh has also introduced many cameras to the market since its inception in 1936. Ricoh was one of the first manufacturers to launch digital cameras in 1995 and Ricoh’s current high-end compact digital cameras are well regarded in the industry.
    Now Ricoh aims to establish a consumer business. As a first step to achieve this goal, Ricoh strengthens its camera businesses. Ricoh takes it as an indispensable initiative to obtain the small and lightweight interchangeable lens camera technology, lens technology and sales channels held by the Pentax Imaging Systems Division to pave the way for further advancement and innovations in the digital camera market.

    Through this acquisition, Ricoh plans to 1) enhance its digital camera businesses (especially the interchangeable lens camera market which is expected to grow), 2) create value-added businesses for taken photographs (creation and development of value-added services that encourage seeing, storing and refinishing photographs and utilize photographs as communication tools), and 3) expand to other fields (study of entry into the image archiving business using medium-format digital cameras and enhancement of security-related products)

    Links to official press-releases:

    P.S. It is fun that in logo of this site Pentax and Ricoh logos parts are neightbours (2nd and 3rd letters) :-)

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  • Being Pentax fan, and having most lenses in Pentax K mount it is very interesting to look at this.

    Best thing that could happen is that Tokina lenses become available in Pentax mount :-)

    Of course, it is known fact that Pentax suffers for quite a long time.
    With no marketing. Constant rises of lens prices.
    And K-x doping is now over, K-r is not so popular and is not so competitive.

    Discussion at pentaxforums -

    Added: Expected sum is only 10 billion yen. Most probably all production will be transferred to China and subcontractors. And no more Pentax lenses.
  • This purchase also holds some irony, as in the past Ricoh cameras used same Pentax K mount.
    But lenses with Ricoh mount had special pin that could stuck in AF hole if mounted on Pentax AF body.
    I have two of such lenses :-)

    Other interesting read -
  • Have they bought the entire business (including compacts) for $124m? If so that is an amazing bargain. Why do you think there will be no more Pentax lenses?

    First task... Full frame Pentax please. And an APS-C mirrorless with as good a build as the Fuji X100.
  • >Have they bought the entire business (including compacts) for $124m?

    Yes, camera business and brand.

    >Why do you think there will be no more Pentax lenses?

    My understanding is that they had been produced in either Hoya or Tokina factories.
    And this factories won't be sold. But I may be wrong here.

    >Full frame Pentax please.

    Today full frame can be company image product only.
    Both companies suffered to be profitable, so no FF in near future.

    > And an APS-C mirrorless with as good a build as the Fuji X100.

    May be it'll happen.
  • It'll be interesting to see if the Pentax brand goes the way of the dodo just like Minolta and Konica did. IMO the Pentax brand cachet is more valuable than Ricoh. It wouldn't bother me if the Ricoh name disappeared but I'd be sad if Pentax did.
  • Other important thing is that guys who are closely related to Canon and Nikon will strart bashing both Ricoh and Pentax. I already see few bloggers trying to get as much as possible from this situation. Ignore this bullshit. These guys just desperately need to eat and need money to do so.
  • I'm disappointed, I have always hoped for Pentax lenses for Micro 4/3. Ricoh has its own system, and they have not seemed interested in video so far. We will see!