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Free Resolve Lite course
    1. Hardware Requirements
      In this chapter Bob describes the hardware you’ll need to run the Resolve software
    2. Software Install
      Step-by-step instructions on how to install your software
    3. Initial Setup
      Configuring your hardware and software to get optimal results
    4. Configuration Tab
      How to configure the software to operate the way you want to work
    5. Browse
      Locating media on your system to start using Resolve
    6. Starting a Project
      Creating project folders to organize your work
    7. Color
      This chapter describes the main color grading functions within Resolve
      > What is color grading?
      > Viewer basics
      > Primary Tab
      > Curves Tab
      > Qualifiers
      > Window
      > Key
    8. XML Roundtrip
      This powerful feature lets you integrate Resolve into your edited video
    9. Dynamics Timeline
      Adding temporal elements to Resolve settings to change them over time
    10. Viewer
      Checking your settings in full screen will provide an accurate view of your graded content
    11. Gallery
      Compare color grading settings with stills or screen grabs in the gallery
    12. Bonus Lesson
      Ensemble Designs' BrightEye 72 Setup

    You can visit Class on Demand site (register and get it free)
    or download as one file .

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