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D-Focus GH2 Cage
  • New cage from D-Focus coming in about a month from now. 300$-ish.

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  • Yep, we had this video from NAB.

  • Another video of the same product, just a bit shorter and more casual.

  • I am so in, if Rewo doesn't get their SH** rolling on the assembly line...

  • How do rails mount to the cage for a follow focus?

  • @mrbill - You would need a dslr baseplate. Something like this... I'm not advocating buying that one, just using the link for a visual.

    Actually a more narrow one would be better... Weird, it's for sale at Sears!

  • Think I've sussed it. From the same manufacturer -

    I'd be very surprised if they didn't fit their GH2 cage as well

  • When I was test-driving this rig, i used things like this and this That's because that's what was handy, but lots of companies make that kind of thing.

  • FWIW, Jag35 and Dfocus are not the same company, but they sell their stuff together and cooperate a lot.

  • Had an email conversation with David Aldrich from D-Focus about this product. Went like this:

    Me: Question: Are you guys also designing a rail block to mount to the bottom of the cage? That's the other thing that is wonky with the GH2, getting the lens the correct height off the rails. My concern is that if you're counting on us to use a baseplate from somewhere else, by the time you factor in the height of a baseplate (even one that has height adjustment) and then add in the height of a quick release clamp and quick release plate, and then add the thickness of the cage, there's a good chance your way too high. If you have that problem already addressed, great! I'd love to hear about your solution.

    Dave: I do have a rail block planned, but it's pretty tricky with the GH2 as I want there to still be access to the battery door.

    In the mean time, the GH2 in the cage, mounted on a JAG35 DSLR baseplate is just slightly higher than the 85mm standard and should work fine in most cases.

    Me: Sounds pretty good. How are you mounting the GH2 to the Jag35 baseplate and preventing it from rotating?

    Dave: Nothing to prevent it from rotating other than friction at the moment. It works pretty well though. More secure than I would have expected.

  • Because the cage has multiple threads in the bottom, it should be easy to keep it from rotating as you could use two points to secure it to the baseplate, ala vid camera style.

  • @airboxlights - did the jag35 railblocks work ok with the cage during your road test? I like their other stuff very much.

  • For me this is a no-go until they get the rail blocks sorted. Friction isn't enough to prevent rotation, so this setup would be crippled if you wanted to use it on rails.

    The price point sounds good, but after you add on the price for the rail blocks, I don't think this is going to be any more affordable than some of the other professional solutions out there (rewo).

  • Funny that you raise this... the cage did swivel around a bit on top of my quick-release plate. It was a little annoying. Soluble though. I had the cage mounted on to my Lanparte base and all the other crap you see mounted to the top of the cage. The lanparte base does have a little spring loaded pin going up into a second hole on the cage, but with all that torque on it (top handle, lights, etc.) sometimes the little spring loaded pin would slip out of hte whole. Very viable solution is just using a second 1/4-20 captive screw in the slot in the quick-release plate. I didn't have a screw like that with me, but it would solve the problem since the cage has sumerous threaded holes in the bottom.

    The only JAG35 railblocks I used in that setup were a 2-rod railblock on top of the cage to use for the top handle, and one single railblock to noga arm to hold the sound rig. Those worked fine. The 2-rod railblock swiveled a bit on me because it's one screw that both tightens the railblock to the cage and bites down on the rods to keep them from slipping. Just one screw and all that torque from the carry handle, not going to work in the long term. Would need two of those railblocks in a row to give me two screws into the cage or else need a different railblock.

    5184 x 3456 - 5M
    QR plate.JPG
    1280 x 960 - 369K
  • Would you say the fittings are there to have two of these railblocks mounted underneath the cage? Thanks.

  • I'm in .. @vitaliy .. I feel this might be worth a special deal if you were able to arrange, considering the number of GH2 users :) .. pretty please have a go

  • Probably a silly question, but does the GH2 stay secure and "square" (no rotation) within the cage? It wouldn't matter if you could get the cage parallel to the rails if the GH2 doesn't stay "squared" within the cage. I'm assuming they designed it to fit and hold the camera from rotating, but I'd just like some confirmation.

  • @B3Guy .. watch the videos .. he details held by 1/4 thread in base, by flash shoe at top, and there are two knobs/lumps which also prevent rotation.

  • Knobs/lumps. Saw one in a photo, missed that part in the video. Thanks. that's exactly what I was wondering. Anyone who thinks they'll keep it from rotating with a 1/4 thread and the hotshot is a fool.

  • Someone mentioned Rewo production problems. Is there a known reason why the Rewo GH2 Cage isn't currently available? I have emailed and tweeted them asking when it will be back and available for purchase and heard nothing back. Quite annoying.

  • @plasticated

    They are just pros, making this amazing cage, they do not live selling it. And it is really above all else that I know.

    Most probably they are just busy with something.

  • @plasticated ReWo guys are very likable but their focus is not on the business with ReWo products. As @Vitaliy_Kiselev mentioned they are mostly busy with shooting and directing. I bought a cage months ago and they sent me the wrong plate for hot shoe mount (from 7D which is slightly different) I am in personal contact with one of these guys and it was promised several times to be sent "today" but I am still waiting for it. Regarding GH2 cages I was told that one of their main supplier is out of business due to insolvency and all CAD tools they paid in advance are lost. There will be no more ReWo GH2 cages.

  • 'D-Cage' from D-Focus $329 + shipping.

    It looks good as it is totally customized for the GH2 (see photos)

    The anti-rotation pins and top cold shoe mount should keep things tight and least as far as the body itself is concerned. With a well attached rig/tripod mount plate it should be a solid setup. image

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    600 x 600 - 44K
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  • Do not like their bottom part, as if you mount it directly on QR plate contact space will be quite small due to cutouts.

    Also no customized rods mount makes battery hole not very useful.

  • @pundit , i think Gini GH2 cage is made much better ...