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In The City - Skyscrapers and busy business streets footage required for Music Video
  • This is an urgent request. We need this in the next 24 hours as weve had a late 'idea' for projecting city images for a vid shoot.

    Does anyone have any small clips of cityscapes or busy business streets video clips they can let me use to project onto the faces of a band music video I am doing? I am looking to gather major cities of the world whther they are overview, low wide angle, timelapse or anything that includes skylines, tall buildings and bust CITY work areas - people going to work in rush hour etc...?

    Anything considered. Of course theres no money in it but you will recieve a produiction credit if footgae is used. So please scour your back catalogue for ANYTHING remotely good looking.

    Anyone with material should contact me on with a link to the footage that I can download. It doesnt have to be massively high resolution, compressed is good enough.

    Any camera, any setting, its the images we need.

    Many thanks if you can help.


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  • feel free to use what ever you want from my Vimeo I have some videos & timelapse of Chicago & Granada (Spain)