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  • Interesting. The took a linear rail system with a linear actuator, screw drive movement system (notice the gigantic screw) and added cheese plates, feet, and mounting plates. However, I'm interested to know if they'll release custom-made software to control the linear actuator. These are usually used in large scale CNC machines, or other industrial processes. It also looks like they're using self-lubricating linear bearings instead of traditional linear ball bearings to reduce noise during movement.

    I did an obscene amount of research trying to figure out if building a DIY version of something like this, or something simpler would be viable/budget friendly. Here's a few of the companies that provide the parts seen in the video. Definitely something to look into though. I was even looking at developing a linear-rail full sise dolly system with the engineering department of my University while I finished my masters. (this company has already outsourced and developed custom made linear slider systems)

    There are tons of others I don't have bookmarked on my laptop, but a quick google search of linear motion systems will produce a huge array of supplies and products.