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Livestream broadcaster. Mini, Pro devices
  • Hey guys,

    I want to know what do you think about the Livestream broadcaster deal, HDMI broadcasting through Livestream ( proprietary ).

    Pros/Cons & Could it be hacked?


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  • Yes, I allready tested that / trough BMD television studio,

    but in this post I was as refering to this;

    Event owners and producers can use the Livestream Broadcaster as a desktop encoder connected to a multi-camera video production switcher, or as a battery powered (via three enclosed AA batteries) portable wireless encoder mounted to a camera and streaming via Wi-Fi or a USB 3G/4G Wireless Modem.

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  • I am searching for a long time the mobile webstream solution, I was preparing to buy the teradek cube and today I found this on livestream few hours ago and I am thrilled, it seams that they will broke up the cooperation with the teradek with this one and I am hoping that they will support a lot of usb modems with this device.

    @Oblikovalnik why do we need to hack this thing? what more do you want from it? if it's working like they said it will be gr8

  • Vitaly, do you know if it can be used to stream video directly from hdmi out to an iphone or ipad? I mean without going over the internet.

    Thanks Holger

  • we stream with BMD intensity pro cards in a PC and Telestream Wirecast for camera switching, video rolls and CG.. Works good and works on most of the live video services and or dedicated streaming servers. They also have Wirecast for the mac also. Highly recommended for low budget streaming solution that is very flexible.

  • @oneday Whit this thing you are stuck with Livestream ( and their marketing plans - although now its not too expensive ) only, and the conditions of service haven't been out yet. I would prefer it if we could stream to multiple ( open ) servers / services.

  • @Vempire I think you can - not sure though, but this guy says so;

  • My friend and I hooked up my GH2 to his Teradek Cube:

    Not entirely relevant but here is a post of his on a live event he did:

    Fell free to hit him up with questions.

  • How much latency does this thing induce?

    We checked Minicaster some weeks ago (resume: 2500 $, terrible menu, not working as desired, phone call to manufacturer just to find out there is only email support)

    And btw.. could this thing be hacjed to send its stream to a local machine running VLC. ;)

  • From review:

    This is a fantastic solution for anyone looking to do streaming video, from consumer cameras to DSLRs to ENG, this will handle your workload. At $495 (as of this writing), there's a ton of value in the box. (The 3 month free Livestream Producer account alone is worth $150!) For such a lightweight design, it has the feel of a quality product, and has produced good results so far. It's weight, roughly a pound, doesn't add too much to the total weight of your rig either, so you shouldn't expect to become fatigued much quicker than usual if shooting hand-held. If you need one camera able to do live streaming or have a low-budget for a web series or video podcast, this is a FANTASTIC buy, well worth the money.

    Read review at :

  • Some days ago they annouced a wireless SDI solution

  • image

    Livestream, the Brooklyn-based technology company streaming 300,000 live events to 40 million viewers a month, launches its newest product, the Livestream Broadcaster mini™.

    The all-new Broadcaster mini is Livestream’s newest addition to its line of live streaming encoders. At about ⅓ the size of the original Broadcaster™, it is small enough to fit in a pocket, and despite its size, it features the top notch specs that Livestream users have come to expect -- fast and reliable 5Ghz WiFi, streaming up to 1080p, an internal rechargeable Li-ion battery, full control and setup via the free Livestream app for iOS or Android, and more.

    What really makes the Broadcaster mini stand out are its price and wireless capabilities.

    “Today’s launch marks the latest in Livestream’s efforts to democratize live video and it offers a wireless solution to mobile live streaming at a more affordable price. Without having to be tethered to a wall with an ethernet cable, users are free to broadcast live from more locations, and more places within those locations,” said Livestream CEO and Co-founder, Max Haot.

    The Broadcaster mini is priced at $295, well under comparable encoders on the market. To operate it, the user simply needs to connect the Broadcaster mini to an HDMI camera, pair it with the Livestream app, and be ready to go live to millions of viewers on any device.

    The Broadcaster mini is available for pre-order and ships March 16th. Visit for more information and locations where to buy one.

    Additionally, Livestream will soon release an update to the original Broadcaster unit, now three years old. The Broadcaster Pro will make its debut in April 2015, keeping many of the great features of the original Broadcaster, with improved specs.

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