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Atomos Ninja 2 and Atomos Blade
  • So glad I found this video info on the new Atomos Ninja 2 product before purchasing the old one. Screen improvements look good and I love the Log feature.

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  • Nice that they have peaking, zebra and focus assist -- but the killer feature has to be selecting favorite clips from the box itself (with FCPX support for ProRes built-in.)

    What I like is that you can use this as an external monitor AND recorder in one. This has to be on my Xmas wish list!

  • I wonder how long before Atomos comes out with their own "camera head" (sensor in a box) for use with their external video recorders?

  • hi everyone, i am in the process of upgrading my video cams, and stumbled across this Ninja 2 device yesterday by accident, and i am very keen on buying one.

    i just started my own thread about this device not knowing this thread was already here, so here i am, and you can read my thread here if you wish to do so, where it explains everything regarding my current situation.

    i will bookmark this thread, and come back when i need more info about this wonderful product.

    now, one thing the guy says in the last video above was no audio via hdmi in his 5D camera, so, on my camera i use a Rode VideoMic Pro to record sound rather than the 5.1ch onboard audio, so will i still be able to use that mic attached to the camera, and simply plug a 3.5mm audio cable into my cams mic jack and pug it into the Ninja and still retain audio from the Rode mic, and will it still be perfectly sync'd with the recorded video on the hdd.


    btw, does the Ninja 2 ship with this 3.5mm audio cable.

    also, my current cams are panasonic HDC-SDT750 with hdmi, i hope this Ninja is able to be used with this model camera to record ProRes video.

  • I read your other post, for what i know you're deciding between the VG900 and Panasonic AC90. Fist at all booth cameras are very different as you self noted, the sensor on the VG900 is huge against the AC90, but (always there's a but) the VG900 has some serious issues for take it serious as main camera and more in your case that want to use it with a Ninja 2 recorder. The VG900 has aliasing and moire problems, but for me the most awful problem on the VG900 is the lack of the picture controls, without that you cannot get a good flatted image to use on postproduction color corrections or even for green screens, and taking the 200Mbps on the Ninja 2 is just a waste of space. Another option and cheaper too, that will give you good results and better than the VG900 is the Nikon D7100 or the D5200, both cameras have clean HDMI output as the 5D or VG900, they are not Fullframe cameras but it will give a much cleaner and sharper image, but you must now something before go to buy a Ninja 2 or any external recorder; all it depends for what do you gonna use your footage, because the Ninja 2 over the in camera recording maybe no give enough differences to justify the invest. My two cents.

  • @ xenogears, thanks for your input, and what you tell me about the faults with the VG900 i do recall reading in other video reviews i have seen, but last night i actually removed the VG900 from my next camera wish list because im still concerned about those issues, PLUS i still want a camera with built in Image Stabilization @ Auto Focus systems, which my current cams, and the panasonic AG-AC90 has got, and they do it very well i might add, i have always been a big fan of the panasonic systems, so at the moment, it looks like the AC90 will be my next upgrade camera.

    i wont ever buy or use any kind of DSLR or M4/3 camera to shoot video with, i dislike them ergonomically, and just find them a pain to use compared to a traditional style video camera.

    finally, i mostly shoot weddings, and i usually shoot video in freestyle mode (i dont use tripods) and i usually mount the camera's on my custom made camera rigs, and because of this, i usually shoot all my video in Auto Focus mode.

    video is shot in 1080/50p avchd @ 28Mbps (it averages at 26Mbps) and although i am pretty happy with this on my current camera's, i just need to upgrade to a better quality camera now, and have considered buying a Ninja 2 to shoot ProRes HQ or 422 at high bitrate, but because i cannot borrow a Ninja 2 to compare the video it can record against my current camera, or against a AC90 camera, i will never know the difference.


  • @glenpinn You might want to look at the AC160. I flat love mine and should work well for weddings. It also seems to benefit from the Ninja 2. More money I know but you get more camera.

    I love my GH2's and 3 too but have yet to get anything from the Niinja2 using them, that's better than from the card.

    Again more money but you might want to look at the newer Sony's.

    My recommendation FWIW is to add what you'd spend on a Ninja2 to what you'd spend on an AC90 plus a little more....and get a camera that suits you better. My $0.02 worth.

  • Have you thought about the Sony FS100? great lowlight performer, stabilized lenses, 1080/60p, small for factor (many dislike this), lens adaptability, used can be found at VG900 prices.

  • FS100 is really great idea, btw

  • thx guys, looking into these ideas right now, but the VG900 is definately off my list.


    EDIT: the AC160 does not appear to support 1080p @ 50 or 60fps (why, is it an older camera than the AC90)

    Video Signals
    PH mode: 1080/50i, 1080/25p, 720/50p, 720/25p PM mode: 720/50p, HA/HE mode: 1080/50i

    I want/need 1080/50p or 60p, so this is no good for me, best to stick with the AC90 for what i use the camera for.

    the FS100 looks to be a pretty decent camera, but probably out of my price range here in australia, they sell for nearly $6000 body only.

    seems to be a lot of these for sale in USA, and some pretty decent kits.

  • Yes it will. I don't know about 1080-50 I assume it does but it does support 1080-60. There is a free firmware upgrade Panasonic offers that adds that.

    Since this is a Ninja do know the Ninja 2 won't record at 60 fps don't you?

  • The d7100 with a Ninja becomes a monster camera. The Ninja brings super high bitrate, peaking, exposure tools etc. to a high resolution, no moire/aliasing, super DR and super super low light camera. The autofocus is like most dslr and just not good compared to traditional camcorder.

  • @ peternap, yes i do realize no 1080 @ 50p or 60p on the ninja, i think i mentioned this was a bit of a shame, but i could learn to alter my style slightly and shoot 24p or 25p just for ProRes format.

    also, if panasonic has firmware that does 60p (ntsc) it will also have it for 50p (pal)

    @ danyyyel, i understand there are many DSLR & M4/3 cameras that shoot brilliant video, but i dont like using those types of cameras, and as far as ergonomics goes, for freestyle shooting like i do, they just dont work, and adding big lenses just makes them a dog to shoot with unless they are mounted on a pretty fancy rig, plus as i mentioned, i really want the best Image Stabilization & Auto Focus system i can get built into the camera, and those cameras just dont cut it.

    as a side note, i still dont get this ntsc and pal thing, all the way back in the standard def days this rediculous ntsc/pal formats existed with different resolutions (720x480 30fps vs 720x576 25fps) and in usa you cant play Pal format dvd yet in australia we had dvd players that would play both region dvd's so i could film my videos on a ntsc camera, author to dvd and play them on our australian tv.

    with HD video and 1920x1080 & 1280x720 why is there this need for ntsc & pal formats any more, just make every camera either Pal or NTSC and be done with it.

    again here in australia i can shoot 1080/60p video and play it on our HD tv's so why have both systems still.

  • Test with C100:

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  • The industry standard Atomos HD monitor-recorders hit a record low price point with Ninja 2 dropping from $695 to $295 and both the Ninja Blade and Samurai Blade falling from $995 to $495.