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CCTV/C-Mount lenses for G series (smaller sensor)
  • I have seen lots of topics dealing with cheapy (and fast) cctv lens, c-mount lenses on Panasonic GH1/2. Vignetting is a serious issue on these lenses, in particular for wide angles; many videomakers on GHx use ETC; However, most of the problems of vignetting seems to be caused by the non-standard size (16/9 crop etc) of GHx-sensor, which is a little wider than standar M4/3; GF2/3 cameras, on the contrary, have standard M4/3 sensor, so these cameras shoud have less vignetting issue... What's your experience with GF1/2 and C-mount?

    for example, here you can read an article about wide and fast c-mount lenses..they work better on GF series!

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