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I watched "Polytechnique" last night, was wondering if this is possible....
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    Would it be possible to get digital cinema 4k black and white out of the gh2?? or atleast 4096 × 1714 (2.39 aspect ratio 4k)??

    I love my GH2 and the Driftwood quantum x v4b orion patch and its a bullet proof combo for my work. but i would love to experiment with black and white 4k.

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  • The digital intermediate for that film was 2K, should be plenty.. 4K is cool, but still overkill for most things.

  • I saw Act of Valor digitally projected and it looked decent but there were some points that it looked a little video-ie. A decently hacked GH1/GH2 in B&W would blow that image out of the water.

    In fact pretty much any digital HD cam would make a decent flick in B&W. A old Flip HD in B&W would look as good or better than Clerks. You could emulate a lot of the Pi look in post.

    I also just re-watched Sin City in 1080p and that B&W is so clean and clear it looked spectacular.

    If you want a grittier look you can do what the guy in that thread did, he showed that in ETC with dynamic B&W film setting, it gives a look similar to 16mm B&W. I think B&W looks best the grittier and grainy save for Sin City, but they gave that film a gritty edge with the effects and lighting.