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VizTools reveals HandiZoom: Convert Canon DSLRs in a camcorder
  • But only for Canon. :(

    Wanna shoot really serious video of the sidewalk on your DSLR, but can't get along with those dicey standard controls? Then maybe VizTools has a solution -- or at least a working prototype it's readying for NAB. The HandiZoom can be operated with only one hand and does motorized zoom with adjustable speed settings, as well as various other primary controls. It hooks up to compatible Canon DSLRs using USB and a rail system, with the aim of making the camera feel more like a traditional news shooter. Check out the video after the break, and then maybe throw down a few more pennies to pair it with one of these.

    600 x 440 - 60K
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  • As far as I understand it is long known USB remote just in different form factor.

  • And adding a motorized gear to move a zoom lens with a lens gear on the zoom ring.

  • This looks.. err... interesting.

  • This is what panasonic need to release themselves, this isn't a new idea, myself and others have mentioned this before. With focus and zoom available in fly by wire on m4/3, it could be even better

  • @Dazza , you are right, the new firmware have already support for X series of lenses where you can zoom from touchscreen, the problem is they do not provide the usb control to it ... :-(