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CES 2024
  • I got this friendly reminder about Panasonic at CES 2024:

    We look forward to seeing you at CES 2024 in our booth at Las Vegas!

    At CES, see how we're leveraging sustainable energy solutions and circular economy initiatives designed to optimize the use of natural resources.

    Discover a world of holistic wellbeing, where everything we do is to empower people to live healthier, more comfortable, more enjoyable lives.

    And hear how Panasonic GREEN IMPACT is deepening our commitment to a greener, more equitable future – for everyone.

    I swear - if I don't get a GH-PDAF soon my "holistic wellbeing" is not possible.

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  • How about to ask this guys how all this green bla-bla is compatible with making new equipment, forms and everything else for new camera models that always have slightly different design, body and such. Instead of just new sensor and motherboard.

  • B&H present some new stuff from CES 2024:

  • I decided to go but was only at CES during Thursday and Friday. Uploaded some videos already and have a lot more to upload. Decided to upload short videos first.

    There was drone soccer matches goin on. Here’s a clip from a longer video that shows one of the drone balls catching fire.

    Canon 8K 360 and VR180 hybrid camera. Canon reps didn’t give any info at all on possible pricing or release date.

    KANDAO QOOCAM 3 ULTRA 8K 360 camera.

    Panasonic 100mm f2.8 compact macro lens.

    Absolutely no news of a GH7.

    Canon RF 200-800mm lens.

  • @PauloTeixeira

    Nice, always glad to see your expo work :-)

  • Absolutely no news of a GH7.

    There was no camera news at all. Neither Lumix G or S.

    P2303A listed at the end of september 2023 is still unaccounted for.

    So the G9M2 was registered only 53 days before announcement.

    The "P2303" was registered 107 days ago.

    The GH6 was registered a whopping 161 days before announcement in february 2022, but that camera was clearly delayed as it was initially promissed for an autumn 2021 release. So delayed that Panasonic even had to make an excuse at the CES 2022 show for not releasing it yet. So probably the "P2303" has been delayed for unknown reasons, most likely because firmware is not yet finalized. The rumour from Japan was that the GH7 firmware was aimed to be ready in november 2023.


    Basically if P2303A is not announced by the end of february it would beat the previous record made by the GH6 which I find most unlikely.

  • Highlight video of some of the things you'd see at CES.

    Video will be in anaglyph 3D by tomorrow. Its in 3D SBS for now. Takes a while for YouTube to process it and you have to trim a little bit of the video to make sure it works. Hopefully in the future, the process of uploading 3D videos will be simpler without having to use FFMPEG or trimming the video after its been uploaded. Video taken with my Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max in 3D Spatial video mode.