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Issues with card insertion
  • I am out of town on a job and suddenly the cards do no eject anymore. It's like the spring inside is broken. I need to change my settings and the the cam will not read the old firmware on the cards all of a sudden. WTF??!!?!

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  • That doesn't sound good at all...I often wonder about this everytime I put a card in and pull it out...thinking to myself "just how long will this little springy thing last". Do you have a pair of tweezers handy?

    check out this site, there are a few possible suggestions, good luck!

  • I had something like this happen quite early on. It was firmly stuck, so I just pulled the card out with quite a lot of force, and then found little bits of plastic inside the card slot. Got rid of those and it's worked perfectly ever since. Not suggesting you try this - I risked bending the contacts inside the camera, but that didn't happen and it cured my issue. In my case it was the edge around the card casing that was broken, not the card slot in the camera itself. Also check your cards for little bits of plastic that break off between the contacts on the card - had that happen with the same card (yes, I was too cheap to stop using it after it broke!).

    I guess if you do do any damage to the contacts, possibly the worst thing would be to have a contact error during a firmware update - not good!

  • Mine was stuck a few times this week. Blew some air into the slot and now it's OK.

  • Thanks everyone for the replies. I pretty much did what Jleo did and the issue seems to be gone...

  • Yep - I did this with a vacuum cleaner, just to get any bits of plastic out. @rockroadpix glad you got it sorted.

  • Also check the SD card for glue on the label. I have a Panasonic Gold card that was sticking in the slot. Wiped glue off with a napkin and no longer sticky. Not sure where the glue is coming from, probably squeezed out from the label during card insertion/ejection.