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Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 GOP Solid Patch
  • I'm revisiting the Panasonic Lumix GH1. There's just something sweet about the image that this 2009 Lumix camera produces. Today, for less than $200 globally, the GH1 is an amazing bargain. The GH1 provides great colours and textures straight out of the camera. It may seem as though the M43 big brands are moving towards a more polished, digital looking image. While the GH1 does not have 4K or IBIS, it does possess a unique sensor which actually kicked off the micro four thirds 1080p revolution. There are some great programs available now that allow cinema buffs like yourself to upscale 1080p footage into detailed, vivid looking 4K video. Couple this with an OIS lens and the limitations of this camera can really work for you. I've reviewed and tested most (if not all) of the Lumix GH1 patches in existence since 2011. I've now created what I believe to be one of the most resilient "Native 24p/25p" patches to date. The "GOP Solid" patch combines low to moderate bitrates with long '15' GOP settings across the board to ensure maximum stability. This patch also incorporates settings from; LPowell's Blackout patch, Rigs' GOP3 patch and Tetakpatak's Varigop patch. It is only due to their time and effort I can hope to extend interest in the GH1. I have intentionally tested this patch in PAL mode on detailed, over-exposed, grassy and leafy scenes. Attached to my GH1 is the Panasonic Lumix 14-42mm (H-FS014042) lens at 14mm (the widest end). I am using a SanDisk Ultra 120MB/s SDHC 32GB SD card (pictured below). I got zero write errors or card lock-ups with this patch. Bitrates can vary depending on lighting and scene detail. Please download, stress test this patch yourself and let me know your results. N.B. I have not tested this patch in 24p or 720p40/50 modes. I chose the 'Nature' picture profile with the following settings: Contrast: -2, Sharpness: 0, Saturation: 0, Noise Reduction: -2. Please fine tune these settings to your liking and report back.



    GH1 firmware:

    600 x 677 - 81K