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The Boss - GH2 shot short film
  • Hey guys! Shot a short with the GH2 and thought I'd share it with you lot:

    It was all shot at 720p50, using a Voigtlander 25mm 0.95, Canon FD 50mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.8.

    As a cautionary tale, I attempted to shoot with the Flowmotion v1.11 patch, but found when getting the footage in it was averaging a very low bitrate of between 14 - 17 mbps, which I can only attribute to me not having applied the patch correctly. So always test your bitrates before going out into a shoot! I can't work out why this patch won't work for me as I don't have problems with any others.

    Anyhow, just wanted to express my thanks for all the work you guys do on this forum, and to show how great this little camera can look even without a massive high bitrate patch!

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  • hahah, that was really great, well done!:]

  • Pretty nice man and clever, lol. Funny too.

  • well done! If you have a good story, shoot your footage with nice pictures, great directing & editing nobody will check your bitrates. 1+

  • Very fun!

  • haha, very nice!

  • Very creative!!!

  • Fantastic and funny. So ironic.

  • Great work!! That put a smile on my face.

  • Lol :) very good! :)

  • I appreciate your approach to the special effects! Very "sweded"

  • Very nice!

  • Fantastic!!! such a great short

  • Wow, that was superb.

    Excuse me if this sounds kind of dumb, what are the advantages of shooting 50 fps vs. 24 pfs? Are you shooting in 50 so you can slow it down after and to avoid blurring when panning?

  • I knew I wanted some shots in slo mo, and with the amount of setups we had to shoot decided just to stick it on 50 frames for the whole thing rather than risk forgetting to change frame rate on certain shots - much easier to speed things up than slow things down after the fact!

  • Very, very nice!

  • Great job. The string on the paper clips made it for me, but I also thought the acting was first rate.

    Well done all round.

  • Hahaha... very nice work!

  • Hey guys,

    Just a heads up to let you all know we've been shortlisted for the Reed Film Competition! In with a shot at £10k . . .

    GH2 will have more than paid itself back if we manage that.

    If you fancy voting for it go along to no registration required.

    Massive thanks to all on this forum for guiding me on lots of matters from lenses to hacks.

  • WOW! Great job!

  • done the vote! mind the link, in your posted the comma is included and leads to 404 go for I keep my fingers crossed

  • Ah cheers for that have changed the link.

  • Great work! Did you ever figure out why the bitrates were so low? I am experiencing the same problem with my cameras.

  • nice work, very funny and at the same time excellent metaphor of the capitalist office competition world.