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GHx/GFx/GXx emotions
  • I took my personally owned hacked GH2 and assortment of lenses into work today for a project, I have 2 Pany HD ENG cameras at work,(less than a year old) camera's at work. Used my GH2 with a minimal 42 Mbps hack today... Blew away the ENG cameras, hands down blew them out of the water.. its like watching VHS-C versus 1080P..

    How the heck can Pany top the GH2 and the hack.. looking at buying some new cameras this year at work.. quite possibly GH2's, hopefully GH3 will top the GH2.. Wish I could post some footage... but its proprietary content.. but it is DANG its F'ing pretty!

    Vitaliy, If I get my "videoography slush fund" that I have asked for, based on this footage, your getting a nice donation!

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  • I get the same reaction from Broadcast guys shooting the same events as me when i shoot GH-VK, they cannot believe the footage and usually end up purchasing some of mine for their broadcast.