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War: EU will pay to kill more Ukraine citizens
  • EU will allocate an additional 1 billion euros to Ukraine for the purchase of weapons - German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock

    I want to correct - German Military Criminal Annalena Berbock,

    Even more fun is that it is exactly Germany who asked Ukraine puppet government to rise energy prices for people by near 3x, so they could import more Russian gas, instead of Ukraine people who better die with weapon that this criminal girl will give them.

    We openly see new German Nazy military criminals.

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  • Dear Vitaliy

    I really appreciate you blog since years. And being from Switzerland I also want to understand the opinions from inside Russia. I did not comment on your political post so far, but I think now I have to ask a serious question, how you come to the conclusion that the German foreign minister is a Nazi?! I view this quiet the contrary. Annalena Baerbock is a green progressive polititian, who in my view tries to to align her deeds with human criteria. I wish you good luck and hope you manage to keep your publications with an open mind.

  • @neveraholiday

    I remember my first journey through Switzerland...and a few more of the most beautiful places i've ever seen... I could of made a film just from the first time passing by... Did you ever wondered where your good life comes from???...isn't it easy to watching the news from your big tv???... or from your up to date smartphone???... Don't get me wrong i don't accuse you of nothing...but just get out, around have to be a beautiful landscape...

    And just think for yourself...

  • It isn't easy for me to watch what horrors are unfolding these days, no. I am completely devastated.

  • @neveraholiday

    Well, someone who supply weapons and train openly Nazy forces can't be anti Nazy.

  • In all good will, I can't find any evidence of a nazi government.

  • @neveraholiday

    Annalena Berbock signed documents with order to supply lethal weapons to Nazis. German government openly support Nazis batallions in mass media.

    What else do you need?

  • Dear Vitaliy, it is clear we are getting different information across the border. My sources range from media at your side as well as from the western media, from my two Russian working colleagues and their families and friends in Russia and Ukraine, from other eye-witnesses in Ukraine and from direct reports of the more than 3 million refugees from Ukraine in our countries. But maybe you can show me evidence of the Nazi battalions you are talking about, that the German government allegedly is supporting?

  • @neveraholiday "more than 3 million refugees from Ukraine in our countries." Come on my friend...I see them every where around where I live...did you see any?

    Like I told you...don't fool yourself...just get out...admire the landscape...and just think for yourself...

  • I actually did meet refugees, yes. And I enlisted for hosting some in my house. In the coming weeks I might be able to tell you more. And I can't just think of our beautiful landscape, as I am personally affected by what is happening in Ukraine too. We are having two ongoing film productions in Russia.

  • It's good for your own soul which has to be a sincere one... but without admire the "landscape" which is the world itself you will just stay in your "bubble" like the most... PV it's also a " bubble" but one much bigger than your lukewarm one...

  • @neveraholiday Don't get me just fantasize a bit...and I see you like a friend. You should just try to make your own thoughts...not copy others...

  • @garroulus, that is exactly what I am trying to do and even though we might disagree on some things, I am hoping for everyone to keep their minds open for all perspectives as well to draw their own conclusions. It is just that from what I see is that what mordor is doing there, is going way beyond what I can write on this blog without risking for it to be blocked. And I am also seeing you as a friend and I wish for connections like this to remain long lasting!

  • Just a short update: I am hosting a Ukranian refugee now for 8 months in my house and what I gather from this direct – and from general media sources, I think it events on the ground are turning more horrible every day since the last post in March – still today. But just to say, I am also working very closely with some Russian friends here in Switzerland and I love them. (working on movie productions).